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[. . .] A young woman would like a classy coat for winter but can't afford the best available, so she goes to Target which allows her to "reach [her] ultimate end," a cheaper coat that looks like it may have come from Macy's. Basically what she has done according to Weber's theory is calculate (quantify) and rationalize that her purchase meets her expectations. I can also see McDonaldization in consumer technology, including devices such as smartphones. I think this term can also be applied to the food industry. The food industry has been in the news much more in recent years, with reports of genetic modification of produce and of animals that are used for food.

3) Are there times or places in life when you feel that McDonaldization is more or less acceptable? In other words, are there examples where McDonaldization is especially good or bad?

I do not see how McDonaldization is particularly good in most industries although I do see that McDonaldization can be helpful to consumers (at the salad bar and at the self-serve gasoline station, which I will refer to later in this paper). I am not against efficiency, but there is a clear trend to sacrifice products over people. I think we have to find a balance in using technology to produce products well, and a production process that values people, respecting and acknowledging the human factory in business. McDonaldization is a state that does not value people and turns people into interchangeable, cheap, limited-functioning objects/workers. Industry can be productive and still treat people as people in a respectful manner. I am uncertain as to whether there are places in life that this process is more or less acceptable. McDonaldization likely
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