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The vast array of segregation within my community and throughout my school is almost irregularly apparent in most sociological aspects. The aim of this report is to identify these divides and what perpetuates their continuing progression in a modern society steeped with the foundations of civil rights and racial equality. Covering the basis of urban living and the constant woes that befall some of the less fortunate within these urban confines will prove as a direct objective.

The models of opinion that can be asserted through the evaluation and analysis of such, to provide a systematic development of ongoing, persistent characteristics that maintain some level of segregation. Dissecting these distinctive corners in every conceivable conception will allow a higher enlightenment on issues that may have otherwise gone completely unacknowledged.

The segregation that I have observed and come to be overtly sensitive to; consists, in majority (no pun intended), among the ethnical divides between black and white Americans. Though several other races are prevalent and undoubtedly present, their ratios slip the rope in comparison to the high number of African-Americans, which derive the most conceptual placement where segregation persists, and is utterly identified (Jackson, 1994).

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Without the shear numbers of the black community, while considering them in comparison to the white community; the model for pinpointing segregation happenings and instances of inequality would shove off in a determination of lesser occurrences in the wake of fewer problematic racial issues. In other words, if there wasn't anyone around to be separated from you, there would be no declaration of segregation (Andersen, Taylor, 200*). But, again, the shear number of African-Americans substantiates the ideas of a more common battleground over inequality with white as an inflictor, agitator or provoker and black as a victim, target or receptor of segregation, racism and oppression.

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With a consistent focus on the sociological aspects between whites and blacks, one can conclude that despite the continual occurrence of suppression and bigotry, a strong degree of effort remains in tact to commence the constant necessity in reform and recognition of ethnical divides. Whether these divides arise through the progression of the actual oppression of blacks by whites, or the actual efforts to abolish any action and deployment of a segregating nature is a question that may never receive an accurate answer.

The visible segregation I my community reaches not only into the literal, concrete aspects of possible segregation, but… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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