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Race is a set of social relationships that enable individuals and groups to be assigned attributes and competencies based on their biologically grounded features (Fiegelman and Young, 2003). It is important to note that race is not biologically determined. In most societies, minority groups are disadvantaged ethnic groups compared to the dominant group (group that hold more wealth, power, and prestige).

Many people believe that race only involves physical appearance, and that personality lies outside of genetics entirely. The other side comes back equally strong by advocating that humans are solely physical beings and that there is no dualistic nature of consciousness: all thoughts originate in the physical mind. Therefore, they believe that race is important because unique genetic characteristics of body and consequently, mind, are passed on in each ethnicity.

While both individual and institutional racism seem to be declining in the United States, the differences between white and various ethnic groups have persisted throughout history (Fiegelman and Young, 2003). Even today, despite many gains, racial disparity in educational attainment, employment and income, health, residential segregation, and political power remain major social issues in the United States.

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In modern society, the concept of race is a widely accepted quality of human beings (Fiegelman and Young, 2003). Race is a concept of society that holds that there is a genetic significance behind human variations in skin color that transcends outside appearances. However, race has no scientific merit outside of sociological classifications. There are no significant genetic variations within the human species to justify dividing races. Therefore, it is apparent that, while race is an important element of sociology, it should no longer be an issue in today's society.

Social Work

TOPIC: Term Paper on Sociology Race Is a Set of Social Assignment

Social work is a profession that aims to help people interact better with one another and with the environment. As society becomes increasingly complex, people in both urban and rural settings have more problems related to meeting basic human needs, including issues with employment, income, healthcare, marriage, family relationships, and mental health. Social workers aim to identify and resolve both the individual and social causes of problems.

Social work traces its historical roots to the end of the 1800s (Kent, 2004). This field largely deals with the improvement of social conditions and the easing of social problems. For example, when working with individuals, families, small groups, communities, or organizations, social workers strive to enhance personal competencies, improve linkages between people and their access to crucial social supports, advocate on behalf of society's minorities, and develop social service organizations that are responsive to human needs.

Social workers serve across a broad spectrum of areas (Kent, 2004). For instance, social work may include efforts to alleviate poverty, oppression, sexism, homophobia, racism, ageism, and all other forms of social injustice and discrimination. Social research projects may include efforts to implement social policies, resources, and services that meet the needs of all members of society or selected groups. Perhaps most importantly, social workers play a key role in advocating on behalf of those who cannot advocate for themselves through the promotion of political actions that support social and economic justice.


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