My View of Race & Ethnic Relations Reaction Paper

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The ethnic WASPs persecuted the African American race with their Jim Crow laws and forced them into ghettos. The WASP ruling class prevented the upward mobility of African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans and other ethnic groups like Catholics until the new immigrants brought so many of this group over that they could organize and challenge the ruling class.

Race and ethnicity also determine where people live because people identify certain characteristics with race or ethnicity. People of a particular ethnic background may want to live together in one community. For example, Muslims may wish to live in a Muslim community, Catholics in a Catholic community, Jews in a Jewish community and so on. Latinos may wish to live among Latinos, African Americans among African Americans and whites among whites. It is not necessarily the case that people prefer to live in diverse communities. Some people want to be in their own type of community because that is what they feel comfortable living in.

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However, ethnicity will not always determine one’s social or economic status, whereas race may. A Muslim or Hindu or Catholic or Protestant or Jew may have just as much opportunity of advancing in the world if his race is not perceived as a barrier by the group that he wants to be part of. It is when the race is viewed badly or when the ethnicity is also viewed badly by those in power that it all goes wrong. A person who is in power and wants only to allow others like himself to be in power will look at both Race and ethnicity to make decisions about who gets to join him in power and who does not. It is about finding like-minded individuals and people of the same group or class to be with for those who oppress others.

Reaction Paper on My View of Race & Ethnic Relations Assignment

Sociologists could help to solve the problem of racial inequality in the U.S. by looking at the social structures that exist and observing how they institutionalize racism. For example, the criminal justice system has institutionalized racism. A higher percentage of the African American population is incarcerated than any other race. The system does not allow so that they have access to the kinds of defenses that others from a different or upper class may have. The laws do not favor or sympathize with their lifestyle. It is like a new form of slavery, the prison industrial complex (Davis).

Sociologists can identify these problems in the social system and identify ways to address them so that there is more racial equality. They could look at the fact that more white children are adopted than black children, and they could develop promotions to raise awareness about this issue so that people could reach out to make a difference. They address the prison industrial complex issue by reforming the criminal justice system or at least advocating for reform.

If I had the power, the policies I would put in place so that all people were able to achieve the American Dream would be to reform the criminal justice system and promote a culture change in the country that stops race from being such a primary focus for people and communities. Instead, I would focus on promoting a culture in which people see each other as human beings. That is where the focus should be—on each other as people who are like-minded rather than on people as being outsiders or not of the right class or social group.

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