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While Native Americans consider their cultural values to be some of the most important things in their lives, the contemporary American society has come to use certain native elements as a means of promoting particular merchandise. Native Americans symbols have come to represent everything that they are not supposed to. Things did not change when particular individuals have tried to raise public awareness, as "Native Americans' pleas to eliminate this practice have been met with such strong resistance by individuals who seem thoughtful, well educated, and not particularly racist" (Delacruz, 2003). Some might be inclined to believe that the American society respects Native American heritage by using native symbols to promote certain things. However, the truth is that this does much harm to Native American communities, as they feel that their culture is being deteriorated and their most respected values are being ignored by the American society. Weakened by centuries of persecution, Native Americans have almost gotten accustomed to being discriminated on a daily basis (Delacruz, 2003).

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The large number of African-Americans presently residing in the U.S. does not make things less severe when considering discrimination against black people. Lack of jobs, poor education means, harsh discrimination put across by other citizens, and poverty in general are among the main factors preventing African-Americans from successfully integrating society. One can actually claim that the general public has become used to promoting African-American stereotypes and that it is perfectly normal for this minority to be discriminated. Ever since the end American Civil War and the Reconstruction period it became obvious that it would take very long before society would actually get actively engaged in considering African-Americans equals.

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TOPIC: Research Paper on Sociology in Spite of the Assignment

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