Sociology of Women Family Essay

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A fat woman would be highly criticized for her plump figure whereas a man would not be ridiculed quite as much.

This is another assertion of the patriarchal society that we have come to live in. Women in our society are programmed to look a certain way and be extra careful about their weight and their looks. The fear of becoming an outcast drives women to conform to these requirements. Feminists have now raised arguments and tried to gain some stance as far as the looks of women and their decisions go. They argue that getting an abortion is the choice of the mother and it should be made accessible to rich and poor women, both. They also argue that women should not be forced into having sex and getting pregnant if that is not what they want.


Violence as we all know quite well is something that we would commonly associate with the male gender who we picture to be aggressive and dominating. Violence is one of those sad phenomenon's that are growing in our society and are contributing to suppress the women in the society and enforce the fact that male's can pres down and make women their subordinates.

Rape is one such example which is a way in which a man can easily oppress the woman leaving her no option but to withdraw and retreat in her hole because this act undermines her respect for herself. It is a crime that is often used by men today to bring down the honor of a man and they choose to do that by harming the women and insulting them by raping the women.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Sociology of Women Family Family, Assignment

Another form of violent domination is that of domestic violence where the men may hit their wives and mistreat them in order to make them give in to what the man of the house wants them to do. What the patriarchal attitudes fail to make the women realize is that by inflicting this harm and subjecting to these acts, the man is insulting himself rather than the woman he is choosing to rape. Sex tourism and trafficking is another aspect that exists in our society which undermines the women as well as the concept of women infanticide and the act of killing a new born only because the gender is that of a female. This shows just how patriarchal and male dominated the society has become.


Some global phenomenon that exist which again show us what an extent the males can bring down the women is by the level of forced prostitution that the women are subjected to be a part of which they rarely can ever do something about. This is becoming one of the major concerns of the feminist activists in order to give women their respect and their dignity that they deserve and free them from the domination and oppression inflicted upon them by the males of their family as well as society as a whole.

Often women are deprived of their basic human rights and liberation because they belong to a particular class, religion, ethnicity or race. This is no reason to deprive the woman of their right to have the life of their choice and the feminists are taking a stand to give them back their due rights and diminish the male domination.


Feminism is the concept that strives for an equal stance among men and women and to try and give women their due respect and place in society and enable them to make their own choices. It is not a drive to overrule the men or to deprive them of their authority but to make them realize that women are their equals and they are also human beings which means that they have an equal place in society and they deserve to be respected for the hardships they face in society. This will not just benefit the women but will also assist the men as women enter the work field and try to support their families and their children and try to be a support of every kind for their families. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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