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This report helps in understanding the functions of the software and also in details about how the software can be fine-tuned and applied to gain better performance and results. The Testing stage itself comprises of numerous stages within itself. A lot of simulations and models are premeditated to be able to solve any sort of case that will help to optimize the performance of the software. The flexibility, user-friendliness and feasibility are continually studied to maintain the effective level. A lot of individuals and business organizations and governmental organizations make use of the software systems during their operation. In order to be able to reach the satisfaction level of the different types of clientele it becomes important that software be tested on all the possible levels to reach the standards required by the clients. To be able to reach the level expected a number of industries take up deep and rigorous testing techniques. (RSP & A Software Testing methods and resources) software program is not something that can be felt, it is just a set of programs and it cannot give a feedback about the various issues that are influencing it, in relation to its performance, impediments, functionality, etc. The process of running the software and testing its functionality and correctness is called as Software testing. There are two primary reasons to perform software testing, they being to detect defection and reliability estimation. The one problems faced in terms of defect detection is that by the help of it we can actually just find out about the error present in the software and cannot really identify the missing defect. At the same time, while applying software testing to reliability estimation is that input distribution that may be used for selecting test cases may have errors in them. In either of the cases, it is difficult to decide upon as to if the mechanism used to resolve the program output is correct is usually difficult to build up. (RSP&A Software Testing methods and resources)

Term Paper on Software Testing Strategy Computers and Assignment

The entire process of software testing depends on many parts that combine together to perform the function and if any of these parts are not in proper working condition then the entire process is dismantled. Oracle is the procedure of applying software testing to reliability estimation. One of the biggest problems faced by a lot of software professional has to deal software program failures. Putting back a physical system that has crashed would not constitute of even half the amount of effort that would be required to get a software program right. Moist frequently it gets even impossible to actually identify the main reason behind the entire fault. This can be considered as one of the major issues that has not been solved by the industry, although every other passing day a new technical system is configured to portray better performance (RSP&A Software Testing methods and resources)

Software testing does not always refer only to testing the software and stating whether we can use it. The main idea behind software testing actually involves trying to figure out the various failures. It actually deals with exhaustive testing of the source code on the various inputs. But this is not actually possible for a lot of programs computationally. As a routine as many tests as possible are conducted on the source program. The method adopted if uses as much of the code as possible is called as the white box software testing techniques, and the ones that do not consider the code's structure during the test cases are called as the black box techniques. These software systems can be considered to be one of the most tedious and difficult object ever created by human in the field of science and technology. But ironically the fact that these software programs are not perfect and lead to a lot of problems does not allow it to be credited to the standard that it deserves. This is so because of the complex nature of the programs. (Software Testing and Quality Assurance)

Software that had a failure during its preliminary test was changed after it; it may work for that test case that it did not work on previously. But this new code may not assure us that the software would work for the same purpose that it was created initially for. This is because the simulation environment of the software does not change. To ensure this it is important that the testing be performed again. But this would involve a lot of costs, manpower and other technical resources. But whatsoever the costs incurred the changes that need to be made should be attended to immediately. When rectifying the software our main focus should be on the quality and the behavioral aspects of it. It is because of this that the pressure on a lot of developers and engineers has doubled, as it is no Childs play to provide software that is flawless. Most software failures occur because of there being a fault in the logic of the program or some wrong data entry or probably both and most of these errors are troublesome to handle and solve. (Software Testing and Quality Assurance)

There may be a lot of reasons as to why the source code can be said to be logically wrong but the most obvious reasons are that either the program was not coded properly or that there was an error in the requirements of the system. The main reason as to why the correct data was not entered into the computer is because either there was a human operator error or a break down of some hardware or software system that has the duty of inputting the information into the system. Most of the time the logical defects in the software does not cause a lot of problem but still it confuse the developer and stagnates work until the situation is solved, and it does not even let the developer understand about the resources and the potential of it to make use of those resources. (Software Testing and Quality Assurance)

Most software programs are categorized as operating systems and system software's. The operating system is the one that is actually the nerve center of the firm and handles all the functions of the system. The system software programs are those that are installed to perform specified functions and operations. The system software's are installed on the operating system and are dependent on it for directions. When there is an instance that the system software is not in tune with the operating system there the system generates errors.

At times, system software programs are not compatible with the operating system thus generating a host of errors. Most of the time, such an error occurs when the issue of compatibility has not been decided upon. (Software Testing and Quality Assurance)

The process of rectifying the identified error that is found in the software program is called as debugging. This process requires great skill and intelligence. To be able to perform it firstly we require identifying the errors that are present in the program, in order to do this we have specialized software programs called as debuggers that are used to detect, identify and rectify the errors in the program. Before detecting the errors a process called as inspection is done. Inspection or Software Inspection as it called is the process of reading the source code manually to be able to detect if there are any errors present in it. This process is neither automatic and nor do machines perform it. An individual usually does it and they are mostly engineers who read the source code and try to identify the flaws in it if any. These engineers are trained specially for this purpose and are not those individuals who write the program. It is because of this that it is felt that the flaws are found more easily. This process of software inspection has been used since years and is considered as a process that can actually identify the error and rectify it more efficiently than any other present method.

Software Testing Resources)

This method was very common in practice in the 1960's and 1970's when it was pretty much difficult to actually get an easy access to computers and during this period it was common practice to submit their programs in the form of punched cards and then wait for a couple of days for it to be inspected. It was because of this time that was consumed that the programmer would take extra effort to check his programs before submitting it. Considering the fact that most of these programs were small in size and the non-availability of computers easily, the programmer usually carefully checked up his program before compilation and execution. This was not absolutely perfect since it was mostly manual and had a lot of human errors. Even though the size of a lot of programs now are much more bigger in size than he ones… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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