Solar Energy for Thermal Desalination Research Proposal

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(Blanco, 2008) The method of water desalination that appears to be the most effective and economical is the desalination process known as the 'Multi-Effect' desalination process. The Multi-Effect desalination process is a thermal distillation process in which the feed water "is sprayed or otherwise distributed onto the surface of the evaporator surface of different changes in a thin film to promote evaporation after it has been preheated in the upper section of each chamber." (Review of CSP and Desalination Technology, nd) The evaporator tubes are then steam heated using steam extraction from a powercycle or boiler with the steam produced. It is reported that the surfaces of the other effects receive heat by the steam from the preceding effect and that each effect is required to have pressure that is lower than the previous one. The process is repeated up to 16 effects with the steam produced in the last effect being condensed separately in a heat exchanger referred to as the final condenser stated to be cooled using the incoming seawater. The incoming seawater is stated to be used as "preheated feed water for the desalinati8on process." (Review of CSP and Desalination Technology, nd) The Multi-Effect Desalination method has better thermal performance than other processes of desalination and can be used both for high or low temperature desalination operations. There are various configurations of the MED process making it more versatile for use in desalination processes. (Review of CSP and Desalination Technology, nd)

Summary of Literature Reviewed

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The literature reviewed in this brief initial study indicates that the Multi-Effect desalination process is an effective and versatile process that can be used for desalination of seawater to make it suitable for drinking water.


It is recommended, based on the literature reviewed, that the Multi-Effect desalination process be examined closely and compared to other desalination processes to determine if the Multi-Effect desalination process is more effective and economical than other desalination processes.


TOPIC: Research Proposal on Solar Energy for Thermal Desalination Assignment

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