Essay: Solar Juice Timeline the Business

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Solar Juice


The business plan calls for an initial time to launch of four months, and then at that point we will focus on building the business for that fourth month. The last two months of this six-month plan are likely to be dedicated to building the plans for the second juice trucks. This is important -- we hope to be able to expand to four trucks over the course of the first year, so two in the first school year and then two more for the following autumn.

Register the business, secure initial financing, find truck, draw up list of schools to target and evaluation criteria. Design the truck. Sketch out the menu. Develop accounting system (software purchase).

Select target schools + initiate discussions with principals. Renovate the truck. Design web site and marketing strategy. Sign up for social media accounts. Contact potential suppliers

Month 3: Secure deal with school, or adjacent location from city. Finalize menu and suppliers list. Initiate social media coverage and launch website. Begin other elements of marketing. Test recipes, including test marketing.

Month 4: Live launch. Test & re-test recipes, revising, scrapping and adding new ones as necessary due to consumer response. Have follow-up meeting with principal to discuss the launch. Execute PR part of marketing plan -- get on the news

Month 5: Start scouting second locations, search for second truck. Continue with first truck, refining product mix, hours, other service elements.

Month 6: Secure deal for second location, renovate second truck prepare to launch SPJT 2.

Crafting Recipes

There are several things to consider with the recipes. The first is the availability of ingredients. For the initial set of recipes, it will be assumed that all ingredients are available, as several surplus recipes will be produced as a contingency plan against lack of input availability and/or negative consumer reaction. The next… [END OF PREVIEW]

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