Soldiers' Poems: Isaac Rosenberg's (British) Research Proposal

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¶ … soldiers' poems: Isaac Rosenberg's (British) poem and August Stramm's (German) poem in translation

Comparison: Isaac Rosenberg and August Stramm

Both Isaac Rosenberg and August Stramm were soldiers during World War I. Rosenberg was a British soldier; Stramm a German. Their distinct and contrasting poetic styles exemplify the literary differences between their two nations' war poetry at this historical point in time. While both poets use images of the natural world to illustrate the impersonal and horrific nature of war, Rosenberg adopts the elegiac style typical of British trench war poets, while Stramm has a harsh, unconventional and expressionist way of addressing this theme.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Research Proposal on Soldiers' Poems: Isaac Rosenberg's (British) Poem and Assignment

Isaac Rosenberg's poem "On receiving news of war" implies that the natural order of universe has been torn asunder because of man's decision to wage war. The act of warfare is compared to a killing, chilling frost that strikes in summer: "Snow is a strange white word. / No ice or frost / Has asked of bud or bird/For Winter's cost." The winter of war cuts short the summertime of youth. Rosenberg's poem uses concrete images of Snow, cold, and dust and relatively conventional, elevated archaic language to mourn the loss of young men. Rosenberg uses complete sentences and conventional rhyme schemes as he speaks of the crimson curse of blood and the metaphorical kiss of death that turns young lives to mold. War is imagined as a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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