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[. . .] Unfortunately, the deer itself is almost extinct, and, therefore, it is incumbent upon ourselves to protect it. Following unregulated deer shooting in the 1930s, conservation ecologists have been working hard to protect the deer population. Experts estimate that approximately 30 million white-tailed deer exist in the United States alone. Unfortunately deer, beautiful and rare as they are, have multiplied to the extent that they can cause serious problems that include vehicular collision, vehicular damage, economic damage to farmer's crops (especially in corn and orchards), obstruction to reforestation, and destruction of native plants and animals in parks and natural areas. In suburban areas, deer are not help, too, often ruining landscape plants. Frustration of locals causes them to be hunted or trapped in order to relocate them. In many U.S. states and Canadian provinces, sharp shooting of deer is a common occurrence, but, as integral part of the ecosystem, the white-tailed deer must be protected at all costs.

Evaluating each of the Park's plans in formation and carefully reviewing their potential advantages and disadvantages, it seems to me that Plan B. would be the most beneficial to both park supervisors, tourists and, certainly, the deer population themselves. Alternative Action Plan B - non-lethal restraints in combination with Activity A and possibly supplemented by surgical sterilization would greater control be needed - would best serve to monitor the deer's eating habits. Whilst being the least controversial and most placating to the general public, this option would also serve to more effectively control the deer's actions.

It is my hope that this letter will be of some help to the park in question and that for your sake and ours, the white-tailed deer will be restrained from wreaking further damage

Again, thank your of the opportunity to comment on the Plan


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