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¶ … RadioShack: Low Morale and Low Productivity / Solving an Issue of Low Productivity and Low Morale in Radioshack

Radioshack is a company that deals in electronics. It is experiencing low productivity as well as low employee drive. For this reason, the information had been gathered via online surveys and studies so as to enhance the general drive and productivity of the firm. It is essential to note that the morale of employees and the company's productivity directly depend on each other. Enhancement of low morale would bear some positive influence on productivity; it would eventually rise. In enhancing low morale, this report covers different recommendations that are cheap implements, which could be utilized by the firm. An emotional attachment simply has a great contribution in improving the morale of the employees. This can results in the development of a string relationship between the employers and their workers, and the employees could associate themselves to the company in an adequate way, when they feel important. The most loyal employees are the happy ones. The high job satisfaction degree would reduce the danger of turnover, in addition to keeping the workers in the organization for a long duration of time (Chopade, 2012).


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Radioshack: Low Morale and Low Productivity

Research Paper on Solving an Issue of Low Productivity and Low Assignment

RadioShack is an American retailer that deals in wireless as well as electronic products. It owns more than 4000 stores that sell products ranging from mobiles and computers to DVD players, electronic parts and everything related to electronics. But the company's profits declined because of changing market trends in the demands for all products the company offers. Subsequently, the Standard General, an affiliate of the General Wireless, became the legal possessor of the company, when the bankruptcy court permitted the firm to sell its rights related to the property to the same because of losses it was incurring (Vault, 2015).

In the previous years, the terrible performance of RadioShack Corporation (NYSE: RSH) had poorly reflected on the top-level management. According to Drew Fitzgerald and Chelsey Dulaney, for the quarter that ended on1st November 2014, the company faced a loss that escalated to $161.1 million from $135.9 million in 2013. Total revenue of the company came down by 16% to precisely $650.2 million, which was the lowest level till to-date. The shares of the company also fell by four cents pricing to 51 cents (Fitzgerald & Dulaney,2014).In the words of Aimee Picche, the company is doomed because of a bad marketing strategy, poor mix of inventory, inadequate management and incapability to match the pace and tune with e-commerce (Picche, 2014).The workers ranked the senior management on the scale of 2.2 from a total possible of 5.0 as per a survey conducted by Wall Street Journal (as cited in Forhlich, 2004), and not more than half the workers approved of Joseph Magnacca, the CEO. The majority of the responses by the employees to the Wall Street Magazine (as cited in Forhlich, 2004) mentioned low payments and poor benefits as the factors that frequently resulted to worker discontentment. Whereas the entry-level trade members lamented about the inadequate hours, the reverse was true about the managers of the store. According to Frohlich, taking into account the long hours put in by the managers, the increased wage was not actually as high as was expected. Following a loss of $400 in the previous year- the second successive year that the organization had lost money- Radioshack made it clear that it was capable of shutting down more than a thousand of its trade outlets that year, approximately a fourth of its U.S. company-functioning stores (Frohlich, 2004).

Lately, because of high losses, the productivity level of Radioshack has declined to a great extent which in turn, has negatively influenced the morale of employees. Low morale could be extremely destructive for Radioshack as it can bring dissatisfaction, turnover and absenteeism in the firm, which would worsen the situation for the company. In addition to this, it can become a reason of disconnect among all jobs, workers, peers, managers and the organization itself. On the other hand, low productivity has a potential to affect the brand image and working in an adverse manner. Therefore, the aim of this report is to provide sufficient recommendations for improving low employee morale and low productivity. These are required for the increment of the normal position of the organization in the market. Therefore, the recommendations are essential for the business to possess a robust foothold in this competitive framework, where the morale could rise and in turn improve productivity (Frohlich, 2004).The limitation of this report is the size of implementations. The pragmatic sources, including human and financial resources within the organization, act as hindrances in the implementation procedure, which limits its overall make up. It is in the form of limited capital within the company, and resistance from its employees.


Thousands of consumer online surveys and studies were utilized to gather the information from readers of Deal News. The information was discovered with the assistance of the Deal News, so as to unveil results associated with this subject (Schoon, 2014). In the words of Megan Marrs, online surveys and studies are actually a good choice for business owners that wish to carry out their personal research (Marrs, 2014). Online survey can make it possible for these particular business owners to conduct market study at just a portion of the ordinary price (Smart Survey, 2015). According to Sina Scherer, online tools are very useful ways of collecting data for large numbers of participants (2013).


The duration of time required to finish the online survey project was two-thirds shorter as compared to the duration it would have taken if a traditional research technique was used. Since the data was being automatically collected, the researcher did not have to wait for the paper questionnaires to be returned to the organization. According to online marketing professionals, more than half of the replies were in within the initial three days of the research project. Hence, in the words of Fleming and Bowden (2009), online surveys are the quickest mode to collect data (ReStore, 2015).


The utilization of online questionnaires halved the research expenses of the study. This means the data collection technique helped save money, which instead, could have been used on postage. Moreover, the researcher did not have to hire workers or spend extra money to enter the data into a database. The replies were automatically processed and the outcomes became accessible at any chosen time.

More Accurate

There existed a tinier margin of error since participants sent their replies directly into the system. The conventional techniques depend on the keenness of personnel to enter all the details correctly, and it is natural for human error to creep in whenever an individual has to carry out a repetitive task.

Quick to Analyze

The outcomes of the research were ready for analysis at the period that was chosen by the researcher. According to Susan Wyse (2012), with the use of survey software, modern statistical methods could be leveraged to analyze information provided by surveys to ascertain reliability, viability as well as the statistical importance of data (Wyse, 2012). The information could be displayed in tables or graphs. Moreover, the majority of the devices that were used for online surveys provided appropriate tools for cross calculation assessment to help develop contingency tables.

Ease of Use for Participants

About 90% of the individuals who had access to the internet chose to reply to surveys online rather than utilizing the telephone. Online surveys allowed the respondents to choose the time which best fitted them, and the duration that was necessary to conclude the survey was way much lesser. Questions which were not applicable to a particular respondent were automatically left out.

Ease of Use for Researchers

The major benefit of online surveys for the researchers was that it was not time consuming. According to Dane Roos (2007), online surveys are the powerful tools for researchers. The information collected was immediately accessible and simply transferred into specialized statistical software, whenever further detailed investigation was required.

More Flexible

The sequence of the questions in the online survey could be modified, or questions left out. This way, the researcher could customize each survey for each respondent as he/she desired.

To sum up, online research and surveys were less time consuming, less expensive, and the researcher obtained the outcomes more rapidly, easily transferring and utilizing the information in other business applications.

Results for Radioshack

In accordance to Reuters, Radioshack Net loss broadened to $161.1 million, or $1.58 per share, during the third quarter that concluded on November 1st from $135.9 million or $1.35 per share, a year before, while its Net sales for the eleventh quarter, dropped to $650.2million from $775.4 million, during the previous year (Reuters, 2014). By implementing the above recommendations, Radioshack would end up with a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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