Somalia Intervention and the Public Opinion Article Review

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¶ … Somalia intervention and the public opinion of Americans towards this intervention. Somalia is not the first country where the United States has intervened in order to break up a civil war and provide assistance to the citizens. Operation Restore Hope was a peace mission by the United States to Somalia in which American troops were deployed. The civil war was so bad that relief efforts were tampered with caused mass starvation. Many Americans probably wanted to know whether or not our troops should have been deployed to Somalia.

The initial opinion of the American public was to support the efforts in Somalia. However, after eighteen American soldiers were killed during the firefight, the public opinion changed. At this time, President Clinton was in office but people blamed Bush for what was happening to our troops in Somalia. Before the firefight, many U.S. citizens were unaware of what was happening is Somalia as it failed to make the top news stories for a while.

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For a short while, the American public was aware of the efforts in Somalia and many supported it because they saw us as being humanitarian. but, the thought of disarming the Somalia troops did not sit well with most of the public showing that there was very little support for the United States' involvement in a long-term solution for the country. This is due to the fact that efforts for a long-term solution usually involve violence and includes the loss of lives. When the lives of our troops are lost in wars that have nothing to do with us, there is usually strong disapproval from the American people.

Article Review on Somalia Intervention and the Public Opinion of Assignment

Because of the massive amount of starvation in Somalia it was a humanitarian effort to send food and relief to the dying nation. Many Americans do not take issue with this. However, sending food and relief to Somalia wasn't just a matter of dropping food for the people to consume. Because of the civil war going on there, efforts to keep the food from reaching the people were occurring. America not only felt that Somalia… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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