Song Dynasty Refers to Period Research Paper

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The Dynasty had the goal of changing life style of the people, bringing economic revolution and using technology for the betterment for people. It was the target oriented approach while led the emperors individually focus on industries and devise plans for advancement of all of them. In the Song Dynasty, the technology was introduced in handicrafts industry which not only promoted the Chinese culture but also gave the people involved in this industry, a new idea to establish their business upon. Furthermore, the introduction of paper currency helped paper ease transactions. Consequently, the trade activities were multiplied and there was the high trend of entrepreneurship and adaption of technology.

The Tang Dynasty ruled much larger area as compared to the Song Dynasty. Song Dynasty took over only one part of the Tang Dynasty which was prosperous and many development projects were started there. The Song Dynasty continued the projects with zeal and zest of the Tang Dynasty.

Literature of the Song Dynasty

As mentioned earlier, the Song Dynasty was rich in innovations and it promoted the new texts and scripts at official level as well. Another major contribution of the Song Dynasty in the field of literature is related to transformation of old ideas into modern approaches. It was a big change in the system of government and state affairs which laid the foundation of a new regime of development.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Song Dynasty Refers to Period Assignment

If the present conditions of China are analyzed, it becomes evident that China has made wonders in many fields like construction, medical science, trade, industry, education and manufacturing. The roots of all these developments can be found in the period of the Song Dynasty when new concepts were emerging. Chinese construction industry is one of the leading industries in the world which has track records of completing the highest buildings in the least possible time, using pre-fabricated material. It is interesting to relate the modern construction industry with the one present in the Song Dynasty. The Rainbow Bridge was admired by Marco Polo, who was a tourist and had been to many areas of the world. He never saw such a unique bridge anywhere else. The creativity of Chinese builders fascinated him a lot. The Song Dynasty was well aware of the significance of their initiatives and they had judged the potential of their people, hence they exalted them and provide state level support to unleash their potential.

Another important example that can be related to the Song Dynasty is about herbal medicine. The Chinese medical practitioners have established repute all over the world and Chine universities are offering scholarships to the students from all over the world to learn herbal medicine there. It is interesting to mention that in this era of 21se century, when everything is going digital, China is successful in retaining its competitive edge in the field of traditional herbal medicines whose roots are deeply buried in the old period of human advancement.

The literature of the Song Dynasty is not limited to the professional fields only. As evident from the discussion that Song Dynasty went out of the way to promote its culture and exalt the poets and other creative thinkers, the Chinese proverbs are still alive in the literature and serving as guidelines for the people of all ages.

The Song Dynasty enjoys highest portion of eminence when it comes to the discussion of modern changes taking place in China. There had to be a Dynasty which could conceive the need of change at that stage to equip China with the requirements of present modern world's industry. It was the Song Dynasty which has no prejudice to change and had to wish to oppress the people just to enjoy its power. It was a great act of the Song Dynasty which made it favorite among all dynasties and for the generations to come.

The Chinese literature is evident that they are peaceful nations and they were in peaceful terms with the hostile dynasties of Jin and Liao. The literature also supports the view that once the dynasties established themselves in Chinese traditions, they were no more hostile. The present situation of China is still in harmony with this old concept. China is not supposed to be involved in hostile attacks like spreading disturbance in oil rich countries and exploiting their basic rights. China is characterized with strong focus on its development and exalting its own level rather than crushing the competitor. This cooperative approach leads China to the roads of development and there are many countries in the modern 21st century which feel pride in having their connections with China.

Oppression of The Song Dynasty by Other Countries

The Song Dynasty made many achievements in economic, military and cultural fields, yet there were many countries that oppressed it. The most prominent named among oppressors were Jin and Liao. They criticized the Song Dynasty despite the fact that it had high GDP, the education level was exalted and lifestyle was flourishing.

Jin was one of the opponents of the Sing Dynasty and it was in the search of an opportunity to invade the Song Dynasty. The invasion activities had stated in the Northern Dynasty. Jin was in direct battle with the emperors of the Northern Dynasty. When he succeeded in ending the Northern dynasty, and exclude the Song Dynasty from Kaifeng, which was the capital of the Northern Dynasty (Li), as a measure of self-defense and regain his lost power, the last emperor of the Northern Dynasty established the new Dynasty named as the Southern Dynasty in Hangzhou (Li).

The Liao Empire existed in the same period as the Song Dynasty and Jin Empire. In fact, Liao dynasty was the one who opposed the Song dynasty and invaded it to establish its own rule in the Northern Dynasty. At the same time, Jin Empire was also in the quest to under rule the Song Dynasty. The Song Dynasty could not defeat both of them, hence the Northern Dynasty was ended and the Southern dynasty was created. Later on, the Song Dynasty joined hands with the Liao Dynasty to crush the power of the Din Dynasty.

The Din Dynasty and the Liao Dynasty both oppressed the Song Dynasty to a great extend. The Liao Dynasty did not belong to China in its past generations. They were invaders from East and Middle Asia and had penetrated in China to show their power in China and crush the military power established by the Song Dynasty. The invasion in China was out of anger that the Song Dynasty had not helped them in their previous attacks to other countries.

As mentioned earlier, it was a common practice at that time that dynasties conquered pieces of land to establish their rule and increase their power. They used to form friendly relations with the powerful rulers or fight with them to have them under their control. There was not third option available to them. There was a time, the Song Dynasty was alliance of Liao Dynasty hence it sought help from the Song Dynasty in one of its invasion expedition. The refusal from the Song Dynasty annoyed them and they became enemies.

Another reason, which hurt the Liao Dynasty, was enhanced political cooperation between the Song Dynasty and the neighboring countries of the Liao Dynasty. The situation was unfavorable as the Song Dynasty could have strengthened the neighboring states to take over the Liao Dynasty. In order to strengthen his power, the Liao Dynasty found no other way than oppressing the Song Dynasty.

The relationship between the Jin Dynasty and the Liao Dynasty did not prove to be effective. Both of them in the target of defeating the Song Dynasties hence they came in indirect competition with each others as well. The Liao Dynasty somehow succeeded in conquering few areas of the Song Dynasty; however, the Jin Dynasty was aggressive enough t defeat both the Song and the Liao Dynasties.

There has been much evidence that the Song Dynasty was a leading Dynasty that modernized China and brought in many innovations to upgrade the life style of Chinese people. The efforts resulted in high economic boost, high education rate and less vulnerability to attacked. It is interesting to note that both the Liao Dynasty and the Jin Dynasty were not Chinese by birth and war was in their blood. On the other hand, the native people of China were peace lovers and avoided war to the maximum extent. It was the reason, the external Dynasties found it easier to conquer the Chinese land and the population was willing to pay them tribute. It must be mentioned here that the level of development in the Song Dynasty was not continued in the Jin and the Liao Dynasties and their rulers were more inclined toward enjoying rule and power. This difference of approach highlights the achievements of the Song Dynasty and the oppression of other countries towards it.


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