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The Song of Solomon is a dynamic story of a wealthy African American's

attempt to find his true self in the midst of the residual damage done by

his family, as well as damage done to his race by slavery. This story as a

screenplay could provide an important reminder to all of us that, although

we are each a result of our evolving heritage, we can choose every day what

kind of person we want to be. Milkman, who has more choices available to

him than many of his people, is finally able to find what is genuine and

real to him, but at a great cost. As a movie, this story would touch all

races of people and could have an influence on racism and prejudice.

Milkman's emotionally damaged past forces him to decide just who he

is and how he fits in the world. He was born a privileged child, but does

not belong on either side of the tracks. His confusion, insecurity,

indifference in relationships illustrate the damage to his personality.

Milkman has the choice of moving between classes of people - the one that

represents his family's history and the privileged one that lacks character

-- another popular movie theme. He lives with deep insecurity and

confusion about his identity. By the time he reaches adulthood, he is

angry, judgmental and indifferent, almost disconnected from his own spirit.

He has opportunities have a healthy life, but makes the wrong choices due

to his low self-esteem. Milkman's search for his own personal values isBuy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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influenced by friends and family members, each one providing a piece to the

puzzle of his true character.

Pilate's character represents truth and is the moral voice in the

story. His parents' drama has blinded Milkman to his self-worth and

identity, but Pilate is resolved to love people as much as she can, and

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