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[. . .] " The 9/11 tracks resonate with wholesomeness and indisputable motivation but Springsteen really shines when he strays from the exhilarating (the inspiring "Waitin' on a Sunny Day" and the feel-good "Let's Be Friends"). That said, The Rising is maybe the pioneering record to unswervingly and fully reproduce the state of post-9/11 America. It's nearly too fitting that it comes from the strong boss of "Born in the U.S.A." "Empty Sky" is a standout track from the album that should evoke many emotions.

"Blood on the streets

Blood flowin' down

I hear the blood of my blood

Cryin' from the ground"

The Boss laments. And a subtle Public Relations strategy is laid out before our eyes.

2) Bad Meets Evil - Lighters (feat. Bruno Mars) [9/11 Tribute]

What do you say about a song that has Bruno Mars, Eminem rapping and sound bites of news reports from various channels, speeches and panicked calls on that tragic day. While the song itself is a slow, moody number with a flowing rhythm and uplifting lyrics like "hold up the light" and "all I wanna see is a sky full of lighters," invoking feelings of solidarity and brotherhood. While I am admittedly not a huge RnB or hip-hop fan, I do enjoy Eminem's lyrical genius and Bruno Mars has come a long way.

3) Freedom - Paul McCartney (2001)

Apparently, the legendary Sir McCartney, of The Beatles, wrote this song for the Concert for New York, a charity show he prepared for victims of the September 11 attacks. This was the last song that he played at the show. He has had a personal connection and a brush with fate on 9/11, which invokes the strong feelings felt in the song. On the daybreak of 11 September 2001, McCartney was sitting in a grounded airplane, waiting for takeoff, in New York.

Upon learning about the terrorist attacks the former Beatle went back to the city, surveying Ground Zero, chatting to residents, and planning the aforementioned October benefit show, the Concert for New York City. During the 2002 Super Bowl, McCartney sang this with a choir of 500 children from all 180 countries where the game was televised and broadcasted.

4) Alan Jackson - Where Were You When the World Stopped

While this is my least favorite genre of music ever, the simplistic and matter-of-fact way of country song lyrics work very well for this song, welling up tears. This is straight up, all American tribute from the Cowboy states.

"I'm just a singer of simple songs

I'm not a real political man

I watch CNN but I'm not sure I can tell

You the difference in Iraq and Iran

But I know Jesus and I talk to God"

Simple indeed. This could very well have been water cooler conversation.

5) Bon Jovi - Undivided

The album opens with one of the crunchiest guitar riffs of Bon Jovi's career. Undivided is undoubtedly a 9 / 11 motivated anthem of American pride and rocks a killer heavy Van Halen style guitar sound, that oscillates to a more conventional Jovi hard rock sound for the chorus. It is a good album opener and a nice up-tempo hard rock song that the majority fans of Jovi should take on as their new fists in the air national hymn.

6) Michael Jackson - What More Can I Give (2001)

The late King of Pop also contributed to this catalog of songs we are reviewing today.

What More Can I Give was originally written to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula and the never-ending war-like crisis there. But the sudden intrusion of terror on September 11th threw a wrench at the project. Plans were quickly arranged for the urgent. On October 21st, 2001 Michael hosted United We Stand: What More Can I Give.

The benefit concert included the performance of "What More Can I Give." A song exclusively written and produced by Michael Jackson. And so he invited a total of 35 artists for an all-star tribute. Tom Petty, Carlos Santana, N'SYNC, were among… [END OF PREVIEW]

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