Sony Camera Functionalism Term Paper

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Sony Cybershot digital camera exhibits a blend of form and function. Formal elements convey function, and function is communicated via form. The features that the Sony Cybershot shares with pre-digital cameras include all the elements that make a camera what it is: a lens; some kind of viewfinder; and a trigger to take shots. However, the digital camera possess several features that demonstrate the different functions between a digital and film camera. The Sony Cybershot in particular offers user-friendly functions specific to the art, hobby, and science of photography. Moreover, many of the Sony Cybershot functions are hidden, embedded in the camera's hardware and firmware or simply invisible.

For example, image stabilization is a feature the Sony Cybershot boasts. The feature enhances the ability of the digital camera to withstand shaking or any other instability that might affect picture quality. Image stabilization is a function that is not necessarily conveyed through form; the feature is built into the camera's hardware and firmware. Similarly, many of the camera's features are not apparent functions; the user needs to become familiar with the links between form and function on this particular model.Download full
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Sony Camera Functionalism Assignment

The circular dial is the form used to alert the user to the various photographic functions for the Sony Cybershot. Auto record mode is a function that makes the Sony Cybershot easy to use for novices. The setting is accessed via the mode dial, and auto record essentially transforms the Sony Cybershot into a point-and-shoot camera. The function of a point-and-shoot is to simplify the act of taking pictures. The user simply turns on the camera, points the lens at the desired object, and "shoots" by pressing what used to be known as a shutter button on a non-digital camera. The regular program mode is also accessible via the mode dial. On the regular program mode, the user has access to the full range of functions that the Sony Cybershot has to offer. All of the programmed functions are embedded into camera firmware or software. They are not visible and are accessible only via the digital menu. The form that menu takes is projected on the LCD screen. That same screen is used when taking photographs: whatever item is within the camera's lens range is viewable in the LCD monitor. The monitor is the form; its function is to show the viewer what the lens is picking up.

As with all cameras, the lens is its eye. Its form is a small piece of convex glass. When the camera is on, a lens cover is removed and light enters the lens. Its primary function is to let in light and capture visual reality the same way the human eye does. In addition to a lens, the Sony Cybershot also has a built-in microphone. Its form is a tiny, barely noticeable aperture that lets in sound. Just as the lens is the necessary form for letting in light to accurately capture visual reality, the microphone is the necessary form by which the Sony Cybershot performs the function of audio capture. The audio capture can be used to record simple messages but… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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