Sony Case Study

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Sony Case Study

What have been the key success factors for Sony?

Sony believes that in order for their company to be successful they must employ three different kinds of creativity: creativity to make inventions, creativity in product planning and production, and creativity in marketing. Creativity in marketing at Sony means not just clever ads, but deep insight into its customers. Sony's marketing also includes careful measurement of each campaign's effectiveness (Kotler & Keller 2008). This creativity is what has made Sony a successful company. They manage to have this creativity across several segments of their business and then tie them all together in the end.

Where is Sony vulnerable? What should it watch out for?

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Sony has been very successful over the years with its choice of what products to manufacture and market. The area were they are vulnerable is in that of their marketing. Conducting a marketing analysis includes finding out what groups of potential customers (or markets) exist, what groups of customers you prefer to serve (target markets), what their needs are, what products or services you might develop to meet their needs, how the customers might prefer to use the products and services, what your competitors are doing, what pricing you should use and how you should distribute products and services to your target markets (McNamara 2009). Where Sony needs to be careful is in making sure that they are meeting the needs of their customers. Are the products that they are producing the ones that their customers need and want to buy? They have a strategic plan on where they want to go with their next line of products, what they need to make sure of is that this is what the customers really wants. And if it is then they must have a good plan to market those products to those customers so that they end result is sales.

Case Study on Sony Case Study Assignment

3. What recommendations would you make to senior marketing executives going forward? What should… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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