Sork's Technical-Rational Approach to Educational Program Planning Thesis

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What does Sork means by the "technical-rational" approach to program planning?

By the 'technical-rational' approach to program planning, Sork means an approach that was very popular between 1950 and 1970. It was designed specifically to teach adult learners, but it did not always perform that well. It was eventually replaced by other types of theories that worked better and helped people learn more easily. However, during the time that it was popular, a lot of books were published on it and most institutions used it to help adult learners do well in their educational programs. Program planning was much more structured back then than it is now, and that made a difference in how a person was taught and how they progressed through their classes and studies. Because this has changed, the 'technical-rational' approach is no longer used as much, but parts of it have been incorporated into other methods that are still in use today, keeping it alive.

The basis of the 'technical-rational' approach is that people are rational, and their education should be technical. Not technical in the sense of only being taught indecipherable mathematics, but technical in the sense that people should stay on a prescribed path and follow it closely. If they did that, they would get through their education and be able to go on to whatever came next. It gave them credibility and helped them to get hired more easily, because it showed that they went to a school that was appropriate and that followed specific rules. By following the 'technical-rational' approach everyone was taught the same things in the same way, and it was based on their schooling program. It did make things easier for the teachers but it did not make things easier for the students. It was very structured and very specific and it created some problems for some of the people who were trying to learn during that time. Nevertheless, the style of teaching persisted for over twenty years.

2.What does he sees as the limitations of this approach?

There are, however, some… [end of preview; READ MORE]

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