Sound Bite" News, Americans Are Less Term Paper

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¶ … sound bite" news, Americans are less well informed now than in previous decades.

As the technology continuously develops, people become more and more busy in adapting to the fast changing world where every second and minute of the day counts. Hence, it seems that in most things, having the quickest and shortest possible way is a need and a necessity because "time matters." However, when it comes to news in America, which is supposed to provide people with enough essential information on the current events, it is unfortunate that having shortcuts and quick-turnarounds are also being applied. Thus, reducing the real context and essence of the news, and making the Americans less informed in terms of deeper level of current events as to "how," "why," or "what" really happened.

Indeed, "sound bite" news make Americans less well informed as compared to the previous decades. The entire nation of the U.S. must be concerned about this and should fight for their right against "sound bite" news. If analyzed, "sound bite" news can cause a great concern to America's capability to fight problems such as terrorism. An immediate resolution to this is vital because the state of being less informed on the current events, especially these days that problems on terrorism take a serious toll on the Americans, endangers the American society into becoming weak and vulnerable to issues that risk the nation's safety, peace, and freedom.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Sound Bite" News, Americans Are Less Well Assignment

One important factor to maintain a nation's good condition is the cooperation provided by every citizen. But in the case of "sound bite" news, how can the Americans do their part in helping the government if they are not aware of the current events around them? We should be reminded that the American society can also play a great role in maintaining America's freedom. Not everything can be solely relied on the government. For instance, after the 9/11 attack, news on terrorism is widely present in the media but the information given to the masses merely lacks deeper content… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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