Sourcing in the Current News Research Paper

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Table 2: Canadian Men and Women who take an Interest in Regional, National and World Politics







(Keown, 2007)

Table 3: The Age Demographics of Canadians and their Interest in Politics

Age Group


19 to 24


25 to 44


45 to 64


65 and Older


(Keown, 2007)

These figures are important, because they are showing how women are just as interested as men about political issues. When you look at the various age groups, these trends are similar with younger generations less interested. As a result, this is an indication of how the news media is ignoring particular aspects of their coverage. That are addressing, those issues which are most important to women. (Keown, 2007)

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The information from this source is useful because, it is providing me with a basic trend in understanding if women are interested in news related events. This helps me to establish a background about: how men and women know what is going on in the world around them. Once this occurs, is when I can use this data to show how the views of women are not being addressed. This is despite the fact that they have an interest in what is happening. Therefore, the research is looking at specific population demographics in the media. (Keown, 2007)

Research Paper on Sourcing in the Current News Assignment

This is effective in establishing a basic foundation of the views of women in comparison with other demographics of the population. Once this occurs, is when I can begin to illustrate how news organizations have tremendous amounts of interest in areas that are relevant to women. This is when they will see an increase in their popularity and it will ensure that they are providing balanced coverage of national events. It is at this point that I can begin to use this information during the research to establish the changes that are taking place and what steps should be used to address these issues in the future.

The article that was written by Desmond (2009) looks at the role of women in the news media throughout North America. Where, there is an emphasis on if they are playing a part in breaking larger news related events. While at the same time, he is focusing on their impact inside the organization itself. After examining 580 different news broadcasts, he determined that women were given smaller roles inside news organizations. As, the majority will be delegated to roles that involve reporting on: human interest or health related topics. In the case of men, they are given stories that are considered to be of significance to the news organization such as: politics and current events. This is important, because it is showing how men are constantly receiving the best assignments based on their gender. (Desmond 822 -- 829)

However, Desmond did determine that in some cases women will be given major projects if: they have a certain appearance and aggressiveness in going after the facts. This helps them to stand out in the minds of executives, who are interested in raising their ratings. The best way that they can do this, is to have certain women who are: photogenic, young and attractive. They will then have them, give select aspects of the work to men.

For example in an evening news cast, a woman could be one of the lead anchors. Yet, when it comes to reporting the actual story, most of these assignments will be saved for men. As women will play a role by serving as liaison between: other reporters and the viewing audience. This is significant, because it is showing how there is a certain amount of bias towards women in the news media. As, they are expected to: have a certain look and act a specific way before they can receive larger assignments. Once they do this, they are still limited through: being forced to report on stories that are discussed mainly by men and involving women on a limited basis. This gives the news cast the feel that they are taking different viewpoints into account. When in reality, they are not doing this. Instead, there is a focus on the image of the news organization over that of equality. (Desmond 822 -- 829)

The information from this source is useful, because it is discussing specific ways that women are excluded inside a news organization. As a result, this is impacting the kinds of content that is produced with a culture that focuses on topics that are of most interest to men. This helps answer several different research questions that we are studying to include:

Are the trends changing to reflect women in more positive light in the news media?

Are the transformations a reflection of the shifting views within society?

Have women slowly been changing their image in the media and the roles that they play in it?

Once this occurs, is when I can provide information to different support parts of the thesis statement. (Desmond 822 -- 829)

This is effective in showing the past and current trends in the news media. As there are obvious disparities that exist, yet I am carefully examining how these patterns are changing to empower women. Once this occurs, is when I can illustrate the way that this giving them a voice in: the kind of content that is produced and the role that they are playing This is when I can make various inferences that will answer the different research questions. At which point, this will be used to support or refute the thesis statement and as foundation for similar projects in the future.

Moreover, the literature that was written by Strombeck (2009) is looking at two different newspapers (i.e. The Globe and Mail along with National Post). What he found, was that the coverage on women's related issues was rather limited in the past. As the content, that was geared towards women covered nearly 5% of the total stories between the 1960 and the 1980's. However during the last several decades, these figures have been increasing with more women talked about in favorable a more light in both newspapers. As, they have been receiving approximately 18% of the total coverage for the content that is produced. (Strombeck 58 -- 72)

At the same time, the number of women editors and reporters at both news organizations has been steadily increasing. The reason why, is because executives want to have greater amounts of coverage of those issues that are most important to women. As a result, they have been encouraging them to talk about topics that are interest to this demographic of the population. Over the course of time, this has led to an increase in content that is directed towards women. This is significant, because it shows how women are playing an increasingly dominate role inside news organizations. However, the problem is that the pace of these changes has been very slow over the last several decades. This has limited the total amounts of content for both publications towards men. (Strombeck 58 -- 72)

The information from this source is useful, because it is illustrating how there have been improvements inside the Canadian press. The problem is that the overall scope of these transformations has been very slow. As a result, this helps to specifically answer several of my research questions including:

Are the trends changing to reflect women in more positive light in the news media?

Are the transformations a reflection of the shifting views within society?

Have women slowly been changing their image in the media and the roles that they play in it?

Once this occurs, is when I can see how the information is supporting numerous parts of the thesis statement that was introduced earlier. (Strombeck 58 -- 72)

The way that this research will be used in the paper, is to show how women are changing the coverage of news stories in the press. This is because they are becoming more of a voice in local, regional and national politics. Once this takes place, it means that there is a transformation in how women are seen in society and their role in it. This is when there will be equality on a number of different fronts. As a result, this is effective in help to support the thesis statement and to provide a foundation for other projects in the future.

When you step back and analyze the information from the above sources, it is clear that they are showing how women are playing a more dominate role in the news media. Where, they are quickly becoming writers and editors, who are having an influence inside these entities. This is in response to more content that is geared towards women over the last several decades.

However, the problem is that inside the various news organizations there is still a male dominated culture. This means that the content in comparison with female dominated areas is still… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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