South Dakota and Its Elections Term Paper

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"(W)e're here because we want to, for this good state, to send people to Washington with whom I can work, people whose vote I can count on for the good of the country," Bush said"

The readings and researches on the senate of South Dakota declare the fact that there are two major candidates, which have given their name for elections. These two major candidates are John Thune and Tom Daschle.These two individuals are the major candidates who are standing in the elections of the senate in South Dakota. The paper will present a few details of strengths and weaknesses of these two candidates in order to give relevant information regarding these two major candidates.


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One of the major candidates of election in south Dakota is John Thune.He has studied from the University of South Dakota, Vermillion, S. Dak., 1984.His biography have shown that John was the; executive director, south Dakota state municipal league; board of directors, National League of Cities; staff, United States Senator James Abdnor of South Dakota, 1985-1986; South Dakota state Republican party executive director, 1989-1991; director, He has served these departments and along with these departments John has also served many organizations with in South Dakota. John has always made use of his positive characteristics and strengths to make decisions and to manage the affairs. As far as his party is concerned he belongs to the republic party of South Dakota and he is called as a republican. John Thune know that he posses many strong characteristics on the basis of which he can manage the affairs of the senator and he is also determined to remove his weaknesses so that he can serve the government effectively. The republicans have also faced the defeat in the year 2002 and keeping this fact in view John Thune is ready to accept any challenge, which will come in his way.


Term Paper on South Dakota and Its Elections Assignment

The other candidate is Tom Deshchle who is one of the finest leaders belonging to democratic party of South Dakota, the information regarding Tom signifies the fact that he belongs to hard working family and from childhood he has learned the value and importance of hard work and determination. He has been educated from the South Dakota University and he has gained a degree in political science. Tom has made many contributions for the betterment of the people of South Dakota. The biography of Tom shows that Tom has always remains strict leader. Tom also possessed certain strengths and weaknesses. Tom has always managed the affairs of the government through the use of his stretches and he has always observed his weaknesses from time to time. The results of the voters for the lection of 2004, signifies the fact that the voters feel that Tom is more competent and powerful than John and therefore, more and more voters are voting for Tom.

Both parties are bracing for a possible showdown in the Senate race, especially if former Republican congressman John Thune decides to take on Democratic Sen. Tom Daschle. While officially undecided, Thune is said to be leaning strongly toward taking on the Senate minority leader. Republicans, who are dominant in the state, are still angry with Daschle for his criticism of Bush on the eve of the war in Iraq -- and they think Daschle can be beaten. So far the only announced Republican is business consultant Neal Tapio. Still, Daschle's strong name recognition and prominent Senate position may be enough to win re-election. U.S. Rep. Bill Janklow's political future remains in doubt after pleading not guilty to manslaughter charges in connection with an Aug. 16 car accident that killed a motorcyclist. A trial date has been set for Dec. 1. In the meantime, several Republicans are waiting to see what happens before they declare their candidacy for Janklow's statewide seat. They include state Sen. Larry Diedrich, state House Majority Leader Bill Peterson, former U.S. senator Larry Pressler and state Rep. Ron Williamson."


The evidences and researches regarding the status and present circumstances of South Dakota points out that there are many problems with in the country which have to be properly solved and organized by the government authorities. Therefore the people of the state are waiting for a leader who would manage their affairs properly and affectively. A part from these issues the researches show that both these candidates have produced their advertising campaigns and they are using these campaigns to become popular amongst masses. But, they should clearly understand the fact that the resulting outcome will be based on the opinions of the voters. Tom Giago is also supporting Tom Daschle because according to him he deserves to become the representative of the South Dakota senate house. The outcome of the election is based on the analysis and the results of the votes, which are gradually collected through the process of voting. The collection of these votes will declare the correct status of the candidates and eventually the final decision will be based on the correct status of the votes. The emerging issues in the status regarding the senate election determines that Tom is most; likely to win this time, because the voters and the other related officials are with him. Based on his status one can judge the outcome of the election in favor of Tom.


In the end, the paper would like to include the winning proposal for two of the major candidates who are Tom Datsche and John Thune.These two major candidates should remain in confidence and should also believe on the fact that the entire decision is based on the number of votes, which are casted in favor of the leaders. These leaders should realize the fact that winning and losing depends on the luck and hard work of the individuals. Therefore, they should keep up their hopes high and should be in high spirits at this time unless the results are not announced. More and more voters should be encouraged to cast their votes because if the number of voters will be increased than the decision of the selected candidate will be made easier.

The candidates should remain in confidence and should hope for the best. Until now the reports, which have been collected on the lections of South Dakota, declares that both these candidates are likeable of becoming the representative of the senate of South Dakota. But the ultimate decision is yet to be made. In the meantime, the major candidates of the election should try to remove their weaknesses and should become ready to serve their country on the basis of their strengths.


The paper has discussed the South Dakota senate race for 2004; the paper has provided all relevant information regarding the facts d figures of the election process. The four sections which are included in the appear declares the relevant information regarding the elections of South Dakota, these information will help the readers to understand the current situation with in South Dakota. The information regarding the South Dakota's elections have been collected from various websites so as to provide the readers with the current and recent status of the candidates who have been participating in the election.

As far as the study is concerned it can be concluded that this study is conclusive on the topic of discussion, which is related to the South Dakota Senate Race 2004. The paper has presented the relative factors, which are used by the candidates to gain victory in the elections, and the paper has also presented the arrangements, which the government has made in order to conduct a true and fair election process. This study is conclusive with regard to the discussion of the recent issues and emerging circumstance with in South Dakota.

This research can provide the readers with all the relative information on the major candidates, voting history and emerging issues of South Dakota senate race 2004; the readers can gain relative information on the characteristics of the two major candidates because the paper has provided biographies of the candidates, which show their strengths and weaknesses. In the conclusion of this paper, it would be rightly said that the voters are the ultimate authorities on whose opinions the decision regarding the selection of the suitable candidate will be made by the authorities. The number of voters should be increased so a justified decision can be evolved with the help of the opinions of the voters. Welcome 2004 voters!

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