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In several public statements, World Health Organization officials have explained the difficulty of making any kind of estimate about the death toll of a pandemic from a transformed avian influenza, they have composed studied estimates that range from two million to one hundred million and have also explained the difficulties of creating a vaccine against a rapidly morphing virus" (Stewart Pp). Thus, even at the low end, a pandemic could have devastating global effects (Stewart Pp). Mart Stewart writes that "while it has received scant news coverage in the United States, avian flu in Asia (or anywhere else) is potentially a global event and one with larger consequences than any modern disaster since the 1918 pandemic" (Stewart Pp).

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The December 2004 tsunami that devastated parts of Southeast Asia have been the focus of global media attention for some months now. Recently former presidents Bill Clinton and George H. Bush left on a tour of the effected regions (Torchia Pp). Clinton remarked that "It's almost impossible to appreciate the scope of this if you haven't physically seen it," and estimated that it would take three to five years to complete the reconstruction effort (Torchia Pp). In its biggest military operation in Southeast Asia since the Vietnam War, the United States has deployed a carrier battle group and twenty helicopters for relief operations off Aceh's western coast (Torchia Pp). Moreover, Washington has pledged some $950 million for relief efforts for the countries hit by the tsunami (Torchia Pp). In fact, relief from governments and private citizens has poured in from around the globe

In this modern age of global communication, global travel and global economy, there is little that happens anywhere in the world that does not in some way effect others. However, at the present moment, virus transmission appears to be the most disturbing element of Southeast Asia.

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