Southern Cone Common Market: Mercosur Term Paper

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Industry contains only processing and small-scale type manufacturing. Import: chemical, petroleum and consumer goods Tin mines are closing due to competition from Southeast Asia. Bolivia became an associate member of Southern cone Common Market 1996.

Paraguay's workers are by more than 1/2 employed in agriculture and forestry. Less than 15% employed in industry/mining. Paraguay's crops are cotton, sugarcane, soybeans, corn, wheat, tobacco, cassava and fruits, with cattle being important to the economy. . Paraguay has underground smuggling, money laundering and trafficking of Bolivian cocaine market sector. There are only minimal modes of travel due to the lack in road and rail systems. The river is used as the only real method of moving goods from place to place. Leading exports for Paraguay are soybeans, meat, feed, cotton, oils, vehicles, consumer goods, tobacco, petroleum products, and electrical machinery. Customs duties furnish an important part of the country's revenues, but are significantly under-collected due to smuggling.

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Argentina's economic troubles caused a drop in tourism to by the rate of 90%. Argentina which has suffered more restrictions in trade than other areas detected a link between foreign ownership, process industry affiliation and intensity of restrictions. Argentina complaints are as follows: plastics 71.4%, footwear 66.7%, other food products 63.6%, machinery and tractors 52.5%, freight and insurance 201 out of 412, custom expenses 197 out of 412, labeling requirements 196 cumbersome or excessive custom procedures 145, prior inspection 132, testing and inspection requisites 129, and lastly complaining about the Brazil: non-tariff barriers.

Attempts to Improve of Conditions:

Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay have proposed to straighten and deepened the Parana waterway to improve conditions in the region however there were no other noted attempts at correcting some of the problems at this time.


Term Paper on Southern Cone Common Market: Mercosur Assignment

The problems in the different countries in Mercosur are noted and particularly noted in the work of Kwan Kim and Seok-Hyeon Kim in their 2003 work entitled "Financial Cooperation in East Asia; Possibilities and Prospects with reference to Other Regional Experiences where stated is that:

Full integration of Mercosur's internal market would increase the efficiency of the firms as a consequence of the increased size of the market and more intense competition. The benefits of deep integration would become widespread when tariff and non-tariff restrictions are removed and investments in infrastructure would reduce the costs of natural frontiers Regarding the internal borders of Mercosur, the removal of tariffs already accomplished brought along an asymmetrical distribution of benefits. The impacts on different regions were different given their heterogeneous factor endowments and geographical characteristics.

Although Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, with certain aspects of the Mercosur trade agreement still these countries did not make the list of the "least" livable conditions in the UN Development Index, 2004 "Most and Least Livable Countries which can be located online at: However, neither did any of the countries make the "most" livable conditions list. It is concluded that these countries in Mercosur have much to do to realize their dream in marketing and trade for the region.


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Berlinski Julio (2000) Mercosur Economic Research Network: Serie Brief No. 3 ITDT Instituto Torcuato di Tella (Argentina)

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