Soviet Law the Legal System Research Paper

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In the United States, if a party fails to present evidence at the trial level that evidence cannot be considered at the appellate level, in Russia, however, appellate courts allow parties to introduce additional information and evidence which was not presented at the trial level (Reshetnikova, 2009, p. 6).

Modern Russian courts are evolving and have incorporated European and western legal principles and codified those rules in their statutes, constitution, and civil regulations. However, the Russian court system, like the Soviet legal system, is a complex and political entity. The increasing standardization of Russian law in the modern era has not eliminated the influence of government officials and wealthy businessman in Russia. Two groups which are often exempt from punishment funder the law for various criminal and civil infractions. Of the two court systems, criminal and civil, the Russian civil law system is far more effective. Russian criminal law, like the law of the Soviet Union, is far more likely to be used as a weapon by the government to identify and punish political adversaries (Reshetnikova, 2009). It is interesting and ironic to note that even in a post-communist environment, the Marxist beliefs about the use of the law as a tool of oppression, remain behind and actually manifest themselves in modern Russian law. Although to be accurate, in the modern context, the law can operate in both ways to both assist and oppress Russian citizens.


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TOPIC: Research Paper on Soviet Law the Legal System Assignment

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Marochkin, S., (2009). Do discrimination and inequality exist in the Russian legal system? International Law, National Legislation and Judicial… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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