Space Cowboys Essay

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Space Cowboys

Myths about aging: Space Cowboys (2000)

Astronauts are members of an elite profession: they need to have 'the right stuff' required to risk their lives for the service of their country and for science. As well as being physically fit, astronauts must also possess deep reserves of intelligence and perseverance. The film Space Cowboys attempts to challenge conventional assumptions about aging by portraying several older men who show that they still have the proverbial 'right stuff' necessary to go into space. In fact, they demonstrate that in many ways they have qualities even many younger men do not possess. The history they have seen has given them grit and defiance in the face of adversary, and little tolerance of bureaucracy and red tape when they know what needs to be done.

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The plot of Space Cowboys revolves around five former astronauts who were scheduled to go into space during the beginning of the American space program but never realized their dream. However when an old Russian communications satellite begins to malfunction, Frank Corvin, despite his years, is told that he must go into space and fix it. The satellite uses American code from the late 1950s that he designed, and only he understands. Despite his age, he only person alive with the necessary knowledge to complete the mission. This plot device is designed to demonstrate that no older person should be dismissed because they are presumed to have obsolete skill sets: even knowledge of apparently old technology and techniques can be valuable.

TOPIC: Essay on Space Cowboys Assignment

The movie's scenario does seem far-fetched: couldn't Corvin merely radio-in the codes to a younger astronaut in space? And why would NASA capitulate to Corvin's demands that his old friends must accompany him into space, putting these… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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