Space Show Museum of Natural History Essay

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space show museum of natural history.


The Space Show at the Museum of Natural History in New York is truly an entertaining, enlightening show that provides visitors and viewers a unique experience. The Space Show is one of the primary attractions at the Rose Center for Earth and Space's Hayden Planetarium. The show takes place within a huge hemispheric dome, which is approximately 67 feet in width, and which utilizes a variety of media including sound effects, visual reproductions, as well as sensory vibrations to simulate a number of scientific occurrences that have and will continue to take place in outer space. The scientific processes involved in many of the films that audiences have and will be able to see are extremely authentic, and consist of research conducted by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as well as astrophysicists from a variety of international locations, including at the Museum of Natural History.

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One of the most intriguing aspects about the films that are on display at the Space Center is the fully immersive experience they allow audiences to have. The scientific processes depicted are actual simulations of events that took place or that will take place, and allow audiences to gain an authentic, three-dimensional experience of these occurrences. A great example of this proclivity of the Space Center is found in the short film entitled Journey to the Stars, which is narrated by actress Whoopi Goldberg. The film provides a fairly comprehensive look at the birth of many of the novae that currently exist within the known universe. Even more interesting is the fact that this film is able to depict the actual occurrences that lead to the deaths of stars -- and explains why it is that stars that have previously gone extinct are still visible from earth.

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