Spain Ranging From the Geographically Strategic Location Essay

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Ranging from the geographically strategic location of a country to its presence along energy transport or key commercial routes to the presence of resources in a country, geography influences the way that the country is likely to act in the international environment, the positions and alliances it will make and the leverage it will benefit from in its relations with other actors. The geography of a country forms the basic characteristics for that country and the profile it can and will adopt in the international arena.

Geography is "the science of place and space" (AAG, 2006) and can be split into two main branches, human geography and physical geography (AAG, 2006). These two branches are strongly interconnected in that the latter is the premise for the first. Indeed, important parts of the physical geography, such as geomorphology, hydrology or landscape ecology will determine relevant aspects of the human geography, such as economic geography, demography or tourism geography. What the Earth offers in a certain country or territory is likely to determine the behavior of the population settling there, the direction of development it is willing to take and the branches of economy it will be able to specialize itself in.

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Following on this discussion, geography will play an essential part in international relations and, hence, in international studies. The examples in the 21st century abound. For example, much of the external policy of the Gulf states, as well as the position of other states (notably the United States) towards these countries, is directed by two important issues, both components of human geography: the strategic location of these countries and their natural resources, mainly oil.

Essay on Spain Ranging From the Geographically Strategic Location Assignment

The first component mentioned is related to the presence of these countries in an area with a constant potential for conflict: the Middle East. Their presence there assures a participation in the Peace Process, as well as a potential role as a mediator that is likely to increase their country profile, as well as their capacity to use this mediating role as a leverage for ensuring and supporting other national interests.

The second component also increases, to an even higher degree, their profile in the international arena. Their capacity to dictate and regulate oil price and, especially, oil supply, makes other countries seek them as allies. This is an example of how geography dictates international relations and why it should be a part of international studies.

On the other hand, geography also sometimes dictates or helps support the international politics of a country. Russia is perhaps one of the best examples in this sense. Its enormous resources and potential in gas, oil and other natural resources allows it to take a hawkish stand in international politics and often simply use these as a blackmailing tool in the relationship with other countries. The gas crisis in 2006 and 2009 are relevant examples in this case, as is the way that the Russians are trying to hold on to their monopoly over gas transport routes to Europe. Again, this is a perfect example of how international studies and geography are related.

Following these two examples, one can conclude that geography and international studies are closely connected because the former offers some of the instruments necessary in defining the international presence of a country and the positions and coalitions it will enter, as well as its general behavior in international relations.

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