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Unfortunately, it is a high price that many of us pay in becoming American. We often lose ourselves, and our cultural and ethnic identities. So, In his book, Days of Obligation, Rodriguez struggles with so many facets of himself, notably, his ethnic heritage, his sexuality, his sense of guilt at the chasm between who he is and who he has been told to be by parents and his church. It is believe there is a universal element to Rodriguez' struggles. They are the challenges that all human beings encounter in becoming their own unique selves.

The added dimension of Rodriguez' Mexican heritage, makes this story all the more fascinating. A wonderful book to have us think about being ourselves in a world full of others expectations as well as an opportunity to get a closer view of Mexican ethnic influences and the related struggles in a United States where far too many people forget they themselves are immigrants or children of immigrants. By sending this message Rodriguez along with Malcolm X can relate to the Contact Zone because of their words of peace and social equalityDownload full Download Microsoft Word File
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Along with Malcolm X, and Richard Rodriguez, Jonathan Kolz supports social equality especially for children. He feels there is an additional form of inequality in school systems like New York. This inequality comes from the decision of certain people to put their kids into the public system, but then privately subsidize the school their child attends in order to employ more teachers, provide a library (most school libraries have been dismantled in the elementary schools in New York City over the past twenty years), and introduce expensive technology. They refuse to fight for higher tax support for all the children. Instead they simply give a little extra to the public school their own child attends. The press is reluctant to criticize these parents. "I think there's some fear, on the part of the newspapers, that if you condemn these parents for doing this, they will flee the system altogether and abandon the low-income children. But in a sense they've abandoned them already" (Kolz). By pursuing, social equality and support from others, Kolz beliefs can be assonated with the Contact Zone like the other writers.

Using the written word can be become of a great different and provide new ideas of peace and harmony. Writers such as Malcolm X, Richard Rodriguez, and Kolz are very effective in their words by having the methods of the Contact Zone. If people would listen to these writers words, there might be less racism in the world. In order to end racism, people listen to human beings like Malcolm X, Rodriguez and Kolz because peace will never come if this is not done for the sake of the future for our children.

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