Special Education Augmenting the Pedagogy of Students Annotated Bibliography

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Special Education

Augmenting the Pedagogy of Students With Special Needs

Normalization of student routines with learning disorders is a major goal of any pedagogical system. The problem is how well this can be achieved by training parents and teachers who are not in special education to augment the special education system.

Pre-Training of Parents to Augment Autism Training in Children

Solomon, R., Necheles, J., Ferch, C., & Bruckman, D. (2007). Pilot study of a parent training program for young children with autism. Journal of Autism, 11(3), 205 -- 224.

One of the topics that this annotated bibliography is dealing with is whether or not a program of intensive parent training can significantly augment the hands-on help that disabled children receive. In a Journal of Autism study, an article describes the PLAY Project Home Consultation (PPHC) program

. This trains the parents of children who have autistic spectrum disorders by using the DIR/Floortime model developed by Stanley Greenspan MD (Solomon, Necheles, Ferch & Bruckman, 2007, 209).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Annotated Bibliography on Special Education Augmenting the Pedagogy of Students Assignment

In the study, 68 children completed an 8 -- 12-month training program involving parents and children. The parents were told to eliver some 15 hours per week of one on one interactions. There were pre and post ratings of a series of videotapes by blind raters who made use of the Functional Emotional Assessment Scale (FEAS) revealed huge increases in child sub-par scores. When translated clinically, some 45.5% of children showed good to very good functional progress in development. There were no important differences displayed between the parents in the FEAS subscale scores at either the pre-or post-intervention. All of the parents scored at levels that hinted that they would be good in working with their youngsters. The overall satisfaction with the PPHC was 90%.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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