How Special Effects Distribution to Film Industries and it Impact on Our Society Research Proposal

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¶ … Special effects are a force of defining importance in modern filmmaking, both at the independent and mainstream levels. Such innovations as stop-motion animation, CGI integrated cinematography and animatronix all have altered the look of films and have caused the audience to expect an extremely high standard of visual acuity where special effects are concerned. Employed to the purpose of exacting a realistic impression such as the recreation of a historical period or with the intent of creating an altogether unprecedented universe in a science fiction film, special effects are those features of an infinite array of potential sources and types which portray events or actions through elaborate simulation. The primary argument of this research examination will be that special effects distribution has had the impact of allowing filmmakers to achieve heretofore impossible visions of both the most imaginative abstraction and the most stunning realism, both improving the artistic and aesthetic opportunities available to modern cinema.

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Research Proposal on How Special Effects Distribution to Film Industries and it Impact on Our Society Assignment

The use of special effects today cannot be given a connotation from a critical standpoint. Value judgment on the subject does not provide much insight because there are both positive and negative examples of the use of special effects which do not conform with other aspects of cinematic critique. Certainly, it is quite simple to argue that in such a case as the Matrix, special effects have helped to visually portray an abstract and compelling principle, truly altering the form and the expectation of the audience. Likewise, it might be quite simple to argue that the high-budget special effects used to produce Kevin Costner's famously disastrous and reviled Water World are an example of how a dependency on special effects can actually be quite damaging. However, there is a considerable middle ground in film-making, wherein which the quality of special effects may itself be regarded as the important and critically worthy aspect of a film, such as in Terminator 2, Star Wars and Jurassic Park. Each of these films would accomplish this feat of recreating the visual slate for audiences and filmmakers, even if fundamentals such as acting and writing were relatively secondary concerns. This is an essential consideration of the problem facing our analysis. The middle ground between critical consideration and an unwavering endorsement of the value of special effects is the argument here that special effects are allowing filmmakers in all areas of the medium to accomplish previously unattainable goals.

Description of Purpose and Expected Results

The purpose of this examination is to illustrate that films of limited critical appeal have nonetheless had the occasional impact of genuinely impacting or altering the form. This is to say that the research will be invested in yielding observations on films which are distinctive primarily for their special effects appeal and not for their cultural or commercial significance. It is anticipated that a critical evaluation of such films from the perspective of their success with special effects orientation will illustrate that special effects use in films can have a transformative impact on the medium that ultimately translates into more culturally and commercially significant applications of similar technological advancements.

Description of Methodology

In order to demonstrate the claims made here above, the research will employ an extensive source review. In addition to considering some core theoretical literature concerning the history and philosophical imperatives relating to the use of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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