Specific Language Impairment Preschool Aged Children Research Proposal

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¶ … Language Impairment Disorder

Specific language impairment (SLI) is a disorder with long-term impacts. it's characterized by difficulty with language that is not caused by known neurological, sensory, intellectual, or emotional deficit. It can affect the development of vocabulary, grammar, and discourse skills, with evidence that certain elements of speech may be especially difficult to acquire (including past tense, third person singular, etc.). Children with SLI may be intelligent and healthy in all regards except in the difficulty they have with language. They may in fact be extraordinarily bright and have high nonverbal IQs (Ervin).

Children with SLI usually learn to talk late. It is not unusual to first encounter a child with SLI at age 3 or 4 years, with limited vocabulary and short expressions. Later on they are likely to be the kinds of kids who are told by well-meaning parents and teachers that they are smart but unmotivated and that they just need to try harder (Ervin).


Estimates of true SLI vary according to the age of identification. Some experts argue that as many as 10% of two-year-olds may have specific language impairment, but by age three or four, that percentage drops considerably, presumably because some difficulties resolve themselves. The incidence in the general population is estimated at about one percent. SLI is more common in boys than girls (Davidson, De Villers and Gale).

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TOPIC: Research Proposal on Specific Language Impairment Preschool Aged Children Assignment

SLI is diagnosed when a child's language development is deficient for no obvious reason. For many years, there was a tendency to assume that SLI was caused by factors such as poor parenting, subtle brain damage around the time of birth, or transient hearing loss. Subsequently it became clear that these factors were far less important than genes in determining risk for SLI. A quest to find "the gene for SLI" was… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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