Speech Pathology Admission Essay

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Speech therapy is crucial for many oral and throat cancer patients. First, speech therapy provides the best opportunity for the least invasive solutions to restoring normal thoracic controls such as swallowing.

My immediate hope is to have the opportunity to complete the Communication Sciences and Disorders Post-baccalaureate Certificate Program at Chapman University. After that, I hope to remain at the university and apply for the master's degree program in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD). My general intention afterwards is to become a state-licensed professional therapist in speech and language therapy and to practice within the same Orange County community that I served in my previous professional capacity with the LAPD.

As a licensed speech therapist, I would be interested in working in schools, hospitals, and in with developmentally challenged children in private settings. My bi-racial (Chinese-Mexican) background and my personal experience growing up as member of the ethnic minority community have allowed me to communicate very successfully with a wide range of ethnically and culturally diverse individuals in various capacities. Naturally, I expect that will also be a valuable advantage in the field of speech therapy. In the much longer term, a career in speech therapy also opens up possible professional opportunities such as in corporate speech, language, and communications training.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Admission Essay on Speech Pathology Some of My Assignment

As a practical matter, I believe that a career in speech therapy will allow me to practice in a wide variety of different possible vocational settings and in almost any community in the United States. The fact that the average age of Americans is rising so fast (largely because of the post-World War II "Baby Boom") means that there will be increasing numbers of patients who will require speech pathology services to overcome the disabilities associated with neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. In addition to being able to help members of this growing patient population, that unfortunate statistic means that speech pathologists will be able to expand their vocational experiences and work with members of the community spanning a wide age range.

Likewise, the field offers an attractive pay scale for individuals entering the field and that is a natural concern for me, especially today when more and more college graduates who study the traditional types of academic areas find themselves unable to secure meaningful or challenging employment of any kind, let alone employment that is rewarding and also within their field of professional interests. I have known several people who encountered those types of difficulties and I have seen the way that their disappointment in that regard has changed their lives for the worse. Frankly, I know that the last position that I would ever want to be in would be to graduate with an advanced academic degree and then fail to find employment that was directly related to that field, all while having to start paying back my student loan obligations.

Therefore, I am tremendously hopeful that my candidacy to the Communication Sciences and Disorders Post-baccalaureate Certificate Program at Chapman University will be successful because I believe it will be the start of new range of future areas of professional service that will allow me to contribute the most to my community over the long-term. Thank you for this opportunity and for your consideration. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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