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, n.d., Eco Mall). Using a programmable thermostat so the temperature of the house can drop during the nighttime or when no one is at home, yet rise in time for daybreak or when people are scheduled to return from work and school can make saving money on heating bills easy -- and try not to overheat or overcool the house even when in use (Orloff 2013). In terms of transportation, walking or biking when feasible saves money as well as offers a good source of exercise (20 things you can do to save energy., n.d., Eco Mall). Being outside will help you appreciate the environment! Car pooling and using public transportation also can help you save on the cost of gas.

Of course, it is not financially feasible for most people to immediately replace all of their ones appliances with energy-efficient ones and to get energy-efficient windows, siding and doors for every room of their home. However, they can be mindful of doing so as they plan for renovations over time (Orloff 2013). Switching to energy-efficient appliances and home fixtures can result in savings on electricity, heating and cooling bills. Buying a more gas-efficient car likewise will cut down your weekly fuel bill and improve the health of the planet (20 things you can do to save energy, n.d., Eco Mall.).

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All of these examples show how saving energy is a win-win equation for both the consumer and the planet. The consumer saves money while sparing the environment unnecessary strain. Conserving energy requires a series of small, painless steps -- and even those which require some sacrifices, like buying a new car or refrigerator, can be undertaken when a replacement is required. The idea that helping the environment must come at the expense of humankind is misguided -- and after all, humans are still part of the environment!


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