Thesis: Speech on Sleep Deprivation

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¶ … Speech on Sleep Deprivation

One of the greatest threats to public health and safety is also a problem that afflicts millions of people everyday. Though sleep deprivation carries with it a great many consequences to one's physical, emotional and psychological well-being, the condition is all too often ignored or underestimated. The truth is though that many of us do not get enough sleep and that this habitual deprivation can have observable and undesirable results.

Of course, to those of us who are students, there is a tendency to overlook the seriousness of failing to get a sufficient amount of sleep. All too often, the attempt to balance an active social life with a healthy focus on one's studies makes sleep a lower priority. But the larger body of evidence on sleep deprivation suggests that we would all be well-served, especially during the active time in our lives, to leave time in our schedules for regular and full nights of sleep.

A failure to do so can directly impact your studies, your emotional stability and your general health. Individuals who fail to get the sufficient measure of nightly sleep are vulnerable to a loss of focus, memory retention and learning aptitude. Accordingly, a study published in 2000 found that "after 17-19 hours without sleep . . . performance on some tests was equivalent or worse than that at a BAC of 0.05%. Response speeds were up to 50% slower for some tests and accuracy measures were significantly poorer than at this level of alcohol." (Williamson & Feyer, 649)

The study's basic finding was that an individual who lacks proper sleep can exhibit many of the symptoms of cognitive impairment that are also likely to be evident in an individual beyond the legal driving limit in most states for blood-alcohol-content. If these findings are to be trusted, it may be just as rational to come to class drunk as to come to class without getting the proper amount of sleep.

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