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[. . .] Post-modern thought does not search for such a progression and denies such a linear purposefulness to history.

However, post-modernism also has a deterministic tendency that is reinforced by some of Spencer's concepts. Ideas have a sense of inevitability of cultural production in post-modern thought, because they are viewed as the products and combinations of other ideas. Spencer, of course, because of his biological emphasis, might see post-modernism as a progression from the modernist emphasis upon the alienated self. While modernism viewed the sense of disconnection with despair, post-modernism formed as a reaction to view this despair with humor, and to view fragmentation as a positive rather than a negative development. Although Spencer would not have seen fragmentation as a positive himself, he would still see post-modernism's stress upon non-linearity of cultural production, its stress upon societal fragmentation, and its stress upon discursive thought as an evolution from an earlier era and a psychological, biological defensive technique of the human mind. Out of the need to view the alienation of human life with humor, post-modernism was generated by the animal mind as a defense mechanism, and spawned a functional culture that made dysfunction 'normal.'

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