Spider Life Is Sacred Essay

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Life is sacred no matter whose life. However, there are two informal groups of people that have different opinions and orientation towards the sacredness and worth of life. To the first group or class of people, life of human beings is only honorable enough to be protected. To them, rest of the species simply maintain the balance of food chain and these species can be harmed or even killed if there is a slightest chance that they will hurt human beings. Mosquitoes, bees, scorpions, snakes and spiders are few such target species to these people of first kind. On the other, there are people like the author of "The Face of the Spider." To such people, every living organism has the right to exist, survive, reproduce and grow. Nobody has the right to snatch the right of existence from the minor species says, David Quamann.

Style of Essay

Human beings are naturally attracted to the story telling style of narration. Essays based on personal experiences of people attract more attention and gain more persuasion of people than does the debated style. Besides the story telling, asking questions is another effective technique. Questions let the reader develop an opinion about an issue by thinking deeply. People cannot avoid answering questions even if silently. Therefore, David develops the essay effectively by repeating his question about how to behave towards other species.

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The author does not only asks questions rather he also discusses the methods that can be used to fairly evaluate the behavior towards the members of other species. The author considers it unfair that people only see the image of a spider as "ugly" but they do not see that the spider is actually different. Thus he offers eyesight to have a different sight of members of other species that will help deal with them in a better way.

How "DO" People Behave Towards Members of other Species

Essay on Spider Life Is Sacred No Matter Whose Assignment

David Quamann, before telling about the religious perspectives on behavior towards other species, says that the first thought when the person has weird sight of a black widow is to kill it. It is hard for a person to stop self from killing these species. The people kill and crush other species. David says that people kill mosquitoes and snakes because these kill people in thousands of numbers but they should know that the black spiders are far less harmful so they should not be killed same way.

How "SHOULD" People Behave Towards Members of other Species

The author David is critical of the way people undertreat or over treat the members of other species. The people often lose the balance between the way they do behave the species and the way they should. Sometimes people give undue importance to the species and other times the species are totally overlooked. The author does not ask to give undue importance to the species but he says that the balance should be maintained. Thus he conveys the message of justice and fairness in his own perspective.

Spiritual Context

Some religions are very careful about the life whether it is life of people or life of other species. David quotes Jainism particularly that is a religion followed in India. This religion very positively answers writer's questions of "how should people behave towards members of other species?" The religion of Jainism means no harm and it actually propagates the love of living organisms despite the type of specie. Not only that the followers of Jainsm won't intentionally kill any single organism but they try not to even unintentionally kill a member of specie. David quotes "The Jain would light no fire for heating or cooking, again because it might cause the death of insects." Even a Jain is concerned not to kill a germ by inhaling it thus they cover their mouth. The writer does not say that to avoid eating animals as well as plants is theoretically possible. The animals need to be cared more than the plants since the plants can sustain life on sunlight and photosynthesis alone but the animals are dependent on other animals as well as plants.

Modern Philosophical Context

The "animal liberation" movement that was mostly advocated by Peter Singer and Tom Regan, Barry Lopez, Eugene Linden, Jane Good all and John Lilly and Dian Fossey support the idea of "upper" end of the "ladder" of life. The upper end is the developed species and the lower end deals with the minor species including mosquitoes. The… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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