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In the United Kingdom, one-fifth of workers suffer from anxiety and depression. Further, 45% of salaried workers say they experience excessive stress and 15% have nervous depression (Wolfer 2003).

Such statistics and negative conditions only confirm the situation noted in "Spirit of Work." There is no disagreement found with Secretan's conclusions about how many people are miserable in their daily jobs. However, he goes one step further than such gloomy statements by saying that he sees an increasing number of people in businesses and corporations who are trying to find answers and help others with these problems.

In an article by Secretan titled "Wake Up Call," (2001) he notes that many people, including himself, have had a reawakening after they experience a major close-to-death illness or injury, or lose someone very close. This rebirth allows them to see what their life has become and what they want it to be instead. It is often such people who become the leaders that Secretan believes will bring spiritual enlightenment to the unhappy workers. Secretan adds that such individuals have asked themselves:

As leaders, how do we live? Are we leading with spirit and passion? Do we engage with followers and each other in ways that will never cause regrets? Do we lead others with a generosity of spirit? Do we avoid sweating the small stuff? Do love, compassion, courage, and fun characterize our leadership style? Are people enriched and inspired because of our leadership?

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Such caring individuals have to be commended and encouraged for their involvement. However, it does not seem particularly realistic that society can rely on the leadership of the relatively few people who have had a personal transformation and decide they want to bring their compassion into the work world. Compared to the number of individuals who need guidance and support, these new insightful leaders are few. Granted, as noted by Secretan, there are a number of businesses who have decided to overhaul their management approach and be more inspirational rather than motivational.

Term Paper on Spirit of Work it Is Assignment

What about the other 99.9% of companies still running things the non-spiritual way? What will change them? The trouble with gurus such as Secretan and their "how to" books is that they are usually read by the people who already realize the importance of what is being suggested and could probably write the book themselves. Although Secretan means well, the people who need inspiration to alter their ways require a great deal more than a book with uplifting quotations or a stimulating speaker.

It is often said by those who hear Secretan speak that he is truly inspirational, helping people see the potential within to achieve personal success for themselves and others. There is little doubt that this is the truth, given the number of positive articles and reviews about him. The problem is that there are so few leaders like Secretan and so many people who require inspiration.

Yet why end on such a negative point concerning such a positive person like Secretan? He truly means well. The beginning of this essay noted that "It is difficult being, at worst, a pessimist and, at best, a realist." In the case of Secretan's "The Spirit of Work," the pessimist believes that not much, if anything, can be done to alter the situation in today's environment. However, the realist realizes that inaction is even worse. Every business that decides to change is a move in the right direction. Perhaps with time Secretan and others like him can make a dent and fill that glass half full. As Secretan has noted: "Life is for the living. We may be asleep at the wheel of life, but none of us want to give up totally."

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