Sport in Athlete Essay

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Arts and Sports


David Best disagrees that sports cannot be art. He argues that sports can be the subject of art but art cannot be the subject of sports. David Best feels that if sports were accepted to be regarded as art forms then they would be very poor art forms. David also says that regarding sports as art would devalue it. Therefore he remained even more convinced that sports are not form of art and insisted that sports should be judged by its own including aesthetic standards because if sports is judged by artistic standards it will be devalued.

Seymour Kleinman agrees that sports can be arts .He says that sports has the possibility of becoming an art form but it depends on the intention of the athlete to act as an artisan. Kleinman also says that the prime requisite is that athlete should begin to view themselves as artists and that until this happens, sports and art merge infrequently.

Spencer Wertz accepted that purposive sports cannot be art but he believed that aesthetic sports could be art. Wertz supports his argument by saying that sports are performing arts because the rules of sports are like artistic texts .He also adds that what sets the performances off from other activities is that the action which make up a given performance must satisfy antecedent requirements. He sums up by saying that performing arts are actions governed by antecedent works or texts. Wertz assumes that when sports are successfully regarded as art, status of sports would be raised.

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TOPIC: Essay on Sport in Athlete Assignment

Yes, there is a relationship between form and aesthetic sports. This is because some of the aesthetic sports such as figure skating and synchronized swimming are considered to be art forms hence proving that they are related.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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