Term Paper: Sport as a Medium

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Sport as a Medium

Underprivileged individuals have always had difficulties integrating and poverty is among the main reasons for which some were not able to have access to sport. Poverty has a series of damaging effects in the individual, as he or she is neglected in several instances, ranging from the political assistance they receive to their social status.

Some of the factors responsible for excluding people from sport are: access, gender, location, facilities, and age. While numerous individuals prefer to compare themselves to some of the most privileged when considering their social statue, they should focus on comparing themselves to people who live reasonably and who do not excel in any particular way. Poverty becomes aggravating when the next-door individuals are wealthier and can manage to pay for more.

It is difficult for the masses to understand the concept of poverty because they concentrate on the extremes. Poverty is also the cause for which a large number of people have little to no access to leisure activities.

Sport development programs have turned their attention towards making it easier for poor individuals to have access to sports. People leading these programs have gone at gaining a better understanding of exclusion, so as to be able to devise ways of encouraging inclusion. By denying certain individuals the right to get involved in sports, England indirectly lessened the chances it had to produce sports elite.

The presentation of the "Sports for All" program in the 1970s contributed to promoting the belief that everyone was equally entitled… [END OF PREVIEW]

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