SPORT2SPORT Agency Analysis Research Paper

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Sport2sport Agnecy Analysis

Sport 2 Sport Agency Analysis

Agency analysis of Sport2Sport: Sports Recreations Facility

Community description

Geographic description


Socially conducive factors for Sport2Sport

Leisure behavior characteristics of Cary populations

Marketing plan



Organizational structure

Organizational Structure Chart Sport2Sport, Cary NC


Member manager

Managing Director

Managing director

Gym staff

Interrelationship of executives and staff

Personnel practices

Facilities and areas

Long-term maintenance and development programs


Martial arts


Open Gym

Aquatics Group Swim classes

Swim camps

Parent's night out

Track-up with Sport2Sport

Financial support

Personal Evaluation

Job Description


Agency analysis of Sport2Sport: Sports Recreations Facility



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Sport2Sport is a fitness centered sporting recreation facility situated in Cary, North Carolina. With an emphasis on healthy living and health conscious recreation for adults as well as children, Sport2Sport has become a multi-million facility within a short span of time. The main fitness facilities that are provided belong to athletics, physical training, performance sports, and leisure activities. The main value preposition upon which the company's vision and mission are based is 'development of mind and body'.

Research Paper on SPORT2SPORT Agency Analysis Assignment

Sport2Sport agency started operating in 2010 and offers sports facilities such as Volleyball, swimming tennis, soccer, rope climbing, basketball, and foam pit for free-falls. The main program offerings of Sport2Sport includes group swim lessons, swim camps, kids open gym, summer camp for kids, parent's night out, and many other courses specifically designed for consumption by urban population (Sport2Sport, n.d.). The company is situated at Cary North Carolina that has a specific importance with respect to demographics and geography of the area. Following section describes the format of this report that will help reader navigate through the report.

Report format

This report is divided into sections and subsections. There are 10 main sections of the report each dealing with a separate but related theme of agency analysis of Sport2Sport. Section II is titled as 'community description' and will highlight the demographic, geographic, socio-demographic and leisure behavior characteristics of populations where Sport2Sport is situated. Section III describes the marketing plan of the company with an emphasis on promotion and publicity methods adopted by the firm. Organizational structure will be made part of section III with inclusion of advisory and policy strategies adopted. Human resource practices will be described in section IV and financial support elements of Sport2Sport will be included in section V. Sections VI, VII, and VIII will be facilities & areas, programs, and personal evaluation of the agency, respectively. In the last part of this paper, a brief job description of internship position at Sport2Sport will be presented.

II- Community description

As mentioned in section I, Sport2Sport is situated in Cary municipality in North Carolina. It is in Wake and Chatham counties and is also known as the town of Cary. The geographic and demographic details are given below.

Geographic description

Founded in 1750, Cary municipality is spanned across two counties of the North Carolina State i.e. Wake and Chatham. Major part of this municipality is in Wake County. The total area covered by Cary is approximately 143 Km2. The municipality is officially known as the town of Cary having URL address of (Town of Cary, n.d.). Piedmont is the region of U.S. where town of Cary is located. On the North and Eastern side of Cary is Raleigh, on the west there is Research Triangle. On the Southern side lie Holly Springs whereas Western side is surrounded by Jordan Lake. Cary is a hilly area and contains a humid subtropical weather. CNN money has ranked the municipality at 55 out of 100 as being 'best places to live' in the U.S. Cary is home to top three universities of the U.S. With National Baseball Training Complex and several hundred schools, Cary is considered to be a 'happily thriving' place in the U.S. (CNN Money, 2012). Following are Geography Quick Facts reported by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Table 1- Cary Town: Geography Quick Facts

Source: (U.S. Census Bureau, 2012)


The demographics of Cary, NC are somewhat dominated by the percentage of women in the area. Females account for 51.3% of the total population of Cary whereas people belonging to age bracket below 18 years are 27.7% of the total Cary population (U.S. Census Bureau, 2012). This presents an interesting socio-economic demographic factor that supports the business model of Sport2Sport agency. Since large percentage of population is that of people below 18 years and females, the company has effectively set up in Cary, NA to target these segments of society. Teenagers are naturally inclined towards physical and sporting activities and mothers enrolled with Sport2Sport also influence their children in becoming part of leisure and sports activities, when females themselves are enrolled in agency's programs. Another key demographic figure that may support agency's business favorably is that 7% of population in Cary is comprised of children under 5 and this is the same age bracket for which Sport2Sport targets its children programs. The demographic statistics also reveal that 73.1% of Cary's population is 'White alone' whereas 13.1% are 'Asian alone' (U.S. Census Bureau, 2012).

Socially conducive factors for Sport2Sport

There are several factors of Cary society that indicate that demographic make-up of the municipality favors sporting agency's business. For instance, there are a high percentage of 'high school graduate or higher, aged 25+ 2007-2011' estimates. Further people holding Bachelor's degree or higher and aged 25+ 2007-2011" estimates also make up 61.6% of Cary's population. People living in same house 1 year and over as per 2007-2011 estimates are 83.9% of Cary's population. Being socially cohesive and highly educated, Cary's population has the agenda of health and fitness high on their priorities. This favorably reflects upon agency's business as after further research, it is indicated that there are 55,303 housing units in Cary each having 2.7 persons per unit. Thus, each family has must have adequate income for spending on health, fitness, and leisure activities. This is confirmed when we access income statistics of Cary's population. According to 2007-2011 estimates, per capita money income of Cary's population was $42,560 whereas the national average of per capita money income for the same period was $27,915.

The median household income of Cary is also approximately double that of national average. National median household income (2011 dollars) was $52,762 whereas that of Cary municipality was $91,997. Another statistic, persons below poverty level estimates 2007-2011 indicate that national average for this indicator was 14.3% whereas that for Cary was only 4.7%. All these indicators combine to strengthen the business case of agency since people in Cary have more personal disposable income as compared to national average. This helps them spend more on recreation, leisure, sporting activities, and maintain healthy engaging relationship with their children as well as within them.

Leisure behavior characteristics of Cary populations

Cary Parks Recreation and Cultural Resources (PRCR) conducted a study to identify recreation and leisure needs of Cary population. It was concluded that Cary requires considerable increment in physical infrastructure and human resource capital for managing aging population and demand of social services related to care of disabled persons and those requiring physical activities. Only a 'healthy mind and body' can undergo healthy aging. The population of Cary requires integrated health, fitness, and social care services that meet their demands (PRCR, 2008).

III- Marketing plan

Sport2Sport conducts its marketing activities through 'below the line' sources with an emphasis on word-of-mouth. The company had started operating in June 2010 and has consolidated its services since then. By inducting qualified instructors and focal persons in the company, Sport2Sport has tried to gain foothold in Cary through progressive selling techniques. The main publicity and promotion activities are targeted for children and youth.


The company has publicized its services and recreation facility through the company website and neighborhood activities conducted in vicinity nearby the Towerview court. By enlisting the details of each program offered by the club, potential and existing customers interact and get informed through the company website and Gmail address of the company.

The company has adopted an informal approach to market its services in the community. There are specific programs designed to target parents and people with children in need of free-time. Through such programs, the target market of this club is attracted. Programs such as 'Parent's Night Out' and Swim Camps are intended to gather more number of potential clients (S2S, n.d.).


The main advertisement medium used by the company is 'social media'. It is the increased reach of social media platforms that the company intends to leverage upon for reaching out to maximum possible potential clients. The company operates a permanent Face Book page addressed as "Sport2Sport" at (, n.d.). Facebook and other social media platform have become an important part of the marketing promotion mix that firms use. The social media has made it possible for companies such as Sport2Sport to communicate product and services information to a wide variety of potential customers and audiences (Mangold & Faulds, 2009). Since there is an increased emphasis on businesses… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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