Sports Advertising Does the Flashing Term Paper

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Radio: 19.8%

Aerial Advertising: 18.3%

Television: 15.9%

Posters: 14.9%

What can be seen by this, you may ask, that aerial advertising obtained 18.3% of the target with only 6% of the budgetary costs. This type of advertisement seems to be an attractive form for many sports teams and companies to advertise either on any given day or on special days or special events.

In conclusion, many professional sport teams advertise on a variety of different ways in order to promote their team. Professional sports teams may choose to advertise on websites, banners, blimps or aerial banners, billboards, television, etc. Ultimately, if a sports team chooses to use a variety of different types of advertisement, they will likely reap of the benefits that will come from it in the long run, rather than just utilizing one type of advertisement. Just using one type of advertisement will not reach as many customers. Sports must also keep in mind, the audience. This is an important key factor in reaching sports fans and keeping their attention.

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Important things to look at are advertisement or marketing budgets for Professional sports teams, which are an important key factor for teams, in relation to the whole advertisement process. It is also important to keep in mind the many different options sports teams have in regards to choosing which type(s) of advertisement to use. Professional sports teams have been around for many years. Advertisement is nothing new and will continue on, in order to aid teams, as long as sports teams continue to be around.


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