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[. . .] As I said earlier, there is so much bouncing from one segment to another, it is hard to follow some times, not only for timing, but for tracking whose voice you are listening to behind what segment.

After tennis, came horse racing with stories and comments leading up to the running of the Preakness.

There were a couple of very brief mentions of golf.

As mentioned earlier, there was, for television, an in-depth story about a former Athletics pitcher, Mike Norris, who devastated his career and life with alcohol and cocaine. They showed pictures of a man who could swing his off leg completely up behind himself when he pitched. He looked like a ballet dancer when he did it. Now due to some physical breakdown -- perhaps related to the damage cocaine did to his body -- the man is struggling to walk without a cane. He has worked his way back from a wheelchair and severe depression.

There was a two-minute segment on the sport of lacrosse. I have seen this sport live and even on television, it seems that the only rule is "You can't take a firearm on the playing field."

Generally, my impression of the demographics the programming is aimed for would be, first at this time of year, is basketball. Although, the Stanley Cup is the championship, not just a play-off, hockey apparently does not appeal to as wide an audience as either basketball or baseball -- whose season is just starting -- but it is too popular to slight altogether. Baseball is extremely popular, even more than basketball, because it got a lot of air time in spite of the fact that the baseball regular season is barely open.

I would say that auto racing is somewhat more popular than tennis because although both of them were mentioned on each broadcast, a slightly more in-depth look was taken at the "Indy 500." would have expected more coverage for the Preakness if for no other reason, that horse racing is more available in terms of understanding how it works than tennis.

Although, women were represented on the broadcast staff, nothing beyond commercials for the women's softball championship was shown and it is curious to note that while women were involved with the major stories, that is where their representation stopped. Their involvement -- even Dana Jacobson -- was pretty much restricted to basketball -- oh, and she got the one-minute spot about an Arizona Cardinals player killed on active duty in Afghanistan. Again, it is as though sports broadcasting knows it cannot ignore women, but their place is given grudgingly and no more than absolutely necessary.



Dana Jacobson

Interviewing, Introducing, various sports, voice behind some presentations.

Mike Greenberg

Interviewing, Introducing, various sports, voice behind some presentations.

Rachel Nichols

Interviewed basketball player

Other female

Interviewed basketball player

Tim C.

Dicussing baseball, pitching, the number o f Cy Young winners in two? three games.

Jay Martoli

Discussing baseball, pitching, the number of Cy Young winners in two? Three games.

Don Day

Discussing baseball, pitching, the number of Cy Young winners in two? Three games.

One more

Discussing baseball, pitching, the number of Cy Young winners in two? Three games.

John Inkerman auto racing Indy 500 NAS Car

Gilde Farran auto racing Indy 500 NAS Car

Jay Harris

Baseball, golf, tennis, horse racing, hockey, Georgia U. legal matter, interviews

Lisa Salter


John Clayton


Scott VanPelt

Interviews, basketball -- Eastern playoffs

John Anderson

Interviews, basketball -- Eastern playoffs

Michelle LeVay

Did interview

Greg Anthony

Shoot Around" Basketball

Tim Egler

Shoot Around" Basketball

Stephan Smith

Shoot Around" Basketball

One more

Shoot Around" Basketball

Lisa Salter

Interviews, basketball -- Eastern playoffs

Collen Domingas

Interviews, basketball -- Eastern playoffs

Dana Jacobson

Basketball -- voice behind David Revasine

Tennis, horse racing, baseball

Shelly Smith

Basketball -- Interview

David Aldrige

Basketball commentary

Steve Levy

Stanley Cup -- Hockey

Barry Melrose

Stanley Cup -- Hockey

Ray Farro

Stanley Cup -- Hockey

Chris Connelly

Feature/human interest story -- Baseball player, drink, drugs, down recovered, illness/recovering

John Kernan

Indy 500, history

Gilde Farran

Indy 500, history, what it is like to… [END OF PREVIEW]

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