Sports Law Essay

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These individuals have shown that they can effectively compete against men. (Women Still Setting Sights 2011)

However, there are still many events (such as: the Masters) that are for men exclusively. Moreover, no one woman has been able to play consistently on the men's tour. Instead, women have played with PGA and then returned to the LPGA at some point. In the future, some of younger women golfers are focusing on breaking these barriers. (Women Still Setting Sights on PGA Tour 2011)

This is showing how discrimination law is focused on giving women the same opportunities to compete against men. Over the course of time, more women are breaking through cultural and traditional barriers in the world of sports. Golf is one area where these changes are becoming increasingly pronounced. This works in conjunction with various discrimination laws (i.e. Sexual Discrimination Act of 1984). These elements are providing women with the opportunities to achieve these objectives. (Topic 9, 2012) However, in some cases the law also allow for women to be excluded if they are at a physical disadvantage. As a result, golf is one of the sports where this does not apply.


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Topic 9, 2012

Waverly Municipal Council v Swain, 2003.

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TOPIC: Essay on Sports Law Over the Last Assignment

Women Still Setting Sights, 2011, Golf Today. Available from: [13 June 2012]…
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