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6, SD = .4), high training and instruction (M= 4.4, SD = .4), high social support (M= 3.6, SD .6), moderate democratic behavior (M= 3.0, SD = .6), and low autocratic behavior (M= 2.7, SD .6). The psychological profile of this group is similar to the group of coaches in both the Home and Carron (1985) and Dwyer and Fischer (1988) studies (Bennett, 2000). These findings indicate that elite Dixie Youth baseball coaches place more emphasis on positive feedback and training and instruction while expressin g a lower preference for autocratic behavior. In summary, the current study provides preliminary data regarding the coaching leadership styles of elite youth baseball coaches of the United States and more importantly, adds to body of knowledge called for by researchers in this area (Bennett, 2000). Further research with this specific population is recommended to determine if social desirability bias entered into the sample due to the coaches viewing themselves as having positive feedback and democratic coaching styles (Bennett, 2000). "

The information researched can be used in a practical setting by setting the boundaries for the way leadership styles impact sports. The coach can take the examples and use them in his or her own dealings with the team and create a more successful environment.

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Practices can be structured in a positive way that emulates Shula's style to create strong positive team morale. Goals can be set with short-term and long-term steps based on what the needs are.

Future research should begin addressing what it is about the various coaching styles that work. The research should look at how it works and why it works from a human nature and psychological perspective so that future methods of leadership can be developed using scientific data.


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