Sports in Our Lives: Outline and Draft Essay

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¶ … Sports in Our Lives: Outline and Draft

The reward of placing so high in the AA provincial soccer tournament was an experience I will never forget. Such an experience helped me gain more faith in myself and the world around; therefore representing the concept that sports such as soccer hold a valuable role in the creation of a self-sufficient and responsible character within individuals.

Experience of Placing 6th on AA provincial Soccer Tournament a. Although it was not first, the experience still made me proud of myself and my team.

Together as a team, we worked collaboratively to use the lessons and skills we trained so hard for, effectively creating a successful synergy within the team.

Therefore I left the tournament not with disappointment for not reaching first, but with the satisfaction that both myself and my team worked hard to perform the best we could perform.

Affect that experience had on me a. This experience helped me realize that success is not always a resulting of winning first place.

b. Success comes from hard work, persistence, and a satisfaction with one's performance.

c. This then taught me to have more faith in myself, and to use this new found confidence in my abilities in other walks of life.

IV. Reaching the conclusion of how extra curricular activities such as soccer can install a sense of values and a strong work ethic within the individual.

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a. As proven by my own personal experience, the hard work involved with the necessary training and execution seen in sports, builds a sense of pride and understanding of good work ethic in individuals.

b. With this knowledge gained from organized sports, individuals can then bring those characteristics into other avenues of daily life.

TOPIC: Essay on Sports in Our Lives: Outline and Draft Assignment

c. If one approaches life with the strong demeanor demanded by many sports, one can enjoy that life based on the fact they have tried… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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