Sports Management Facilities as a Sports Events Research Paper

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Sports Management


As a sports events organizers there is a lot of responsibility that is involved. First would be able to find out the condition of the facilities being used for the baseball game. It would be to look for the best baseball fields. It would be important to make sure that facilities and cleaned for the use and also that they are safe. For example, the benches that the fans will be sitting on have to be secure a clean it there is tall grass on the baseball field. Them it will be my job to make sure that Th baseball field is manicured. The next thing to do would be to make sure everything is prepared such as the preparation (for instance marking of playing fields or the setting up and dismantling of equipment, bleachers, or chairs) is scheduled for practice sessions and competition. It will also be important to make sure that I maintain cooperative relationships with persons that are in charge of other facilities used in connection with the baseball game that will be coming up.


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The first thing is for me to get involves with planning and directing the sales and marketing of the baseball game that will be the following year. One of my tasks would be setting the sales of things like the baseball tickets. I would also need to hurry and get together with training the staff to help me. Finally, one example of marketing the game on television ahead of time would use a strategy possibly through something like Gillette Match to endorse its personal hygiene products through representative figures of the local baseball minor league team on television during the broadcast of this sports event.

Ticket Sales

TOPIC: Research Paper on Sports Management Facilities as a Sports Events Assignment

To enhance the ticket sales, I would probably book a local speaker that was a legend baseball hero from the home town. This is important because trying to endorse a baseball event that no one really wants to see will turn into an uphill battle, so it is important that I look for established "brand name" to draws in and that will be able to help build excitement for the upcoming baseball event, or at least bands, speakers, etc., with a following or a promotable angle attractive to the audience that I will need. To make it easy for people to purchase the baseball tickets, I will have to be even more creative. I would then create a website with a device to purchase tickets. I would also enlist the support of local merchants to help sell tickets for the upcoming baseball event. I would also set up some tables or booths wherever people assemble nearby. It would be important for me to also advertise in local publications, including school publications, and hang fliers or posters where individuals will be able to see them. Then I would have to double-check to guarantee that I made sure that I put the correct time, date and place of the baseball event on every particular item that I print, counting tickets, so that I won't generate confusion about coming to my event. Enlisting members of different not-for-profit as salespeople would also be a good advantage. Encourage my "sales force" to build MySpace or Facebook pages and to twitter about the baseball event. I would do fun things like hold a contest with prizes for selling 10, 25, 50 and 100 tickets to your event.

Question Two

In comparing NCAA with MLB it can be sad that they can come together to do group things. For instance, Major League Baseball and the NCAA are deliberating the option of an unparalleled association that would permit a professional sports league to deposit scholarships and effect college baseball. Major League Baseball (MLB) is of course a professional baseball league, containing of teams that are playing in the American League and the National League. The two associations combined in 2000 into a solitary group led by the Commissioner of Baseball, after 100 years as separate legal entities. The NCAA is a much larger organization than the MLB. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is an organization made up of 1,281 establishments, consultations, administrations and persons that arranges the healthy programs of a lot of colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. It is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. The MLB does not have many programs that are in the universities and colleges.

The MLB establishes one of the major professional sports leagues of the United States and Canada. This has something common with NCAA because as mentioned above it also has affiliation with international units outside of United States. The MLB is collected of 30 teams -- 29 are located the United States and only 1 is in Canada. Both organizations operate and manage worldwide sporting events and conferences. MLB with an average presence of 31,352 individuals per game, Major League Baseball has the fifth uppermost regular presence of any sports league behind the NFL which puts it ahead of the NCAA.

When it comes to structure and financial management, the NCAA's legislative structure is broken down into small cabinets and groups, containing numerous representatives of its member schools. The MLB has what you call seasonal structures but is not broken down into cabinets. However, when it comes to their organizational decision making and financial management, they go through he chief executive of MLB is the commissioner. In the MLB, there are six executive vice-presidents in charge of the following areas: baseball development, business, labor relations and human resources, finance, administration (whose vice-president is MLB's Chief Information Officer), and baseball operations. In the NCAA these are even be broken down further into sub-committees. Legislation is then passed on, which oversees all the cabinets and committees, and also comprises councils from the schools, for instance athletic directors and faculty consultants. The MLB is not as involved as the NCAA when it comes to things like that mainly because NCAA is more college based anyway.

The two organizations also share two different historical backgrounds, NCAA started earlier Inter-collegiate sports in the U.S. began in 1852 when crews from Harvard and Yale met in a challenge race in the sport of rowing. MLB started a little later in the 1860s, when it was assisted by the Civil War, and after that baseball took after into a national game and spawned baseball's first governing body. By 1867, there had been more than 400 clubs with members, even though most of the sturdiest clubs continued those based in the northeastern section of the country.

The organization that is more efficient in my opinion is MLB because it goes beyond college. Most people that are in the MLB had come through the NCAA. MLB is also where most of the money is and a where that college kids from the NCAA are turned into stars that become popular and rich.

Question Three

Youth Recreation

One of the programs that I would introduce to the city is a youth recreation center. Youth athletic programs will be offered such as baseball, softball, soccer, basketball and volleyball. Also, summer playground, spots such as tennis lessons, "T" ball, summer camps and classes would be my ideas offered through the Community Services and Recreation Department. This youth program will also feature the exceptional facilities and recreational specialists from the universities nearby to help out. The Youth Program will offer a varied choice of high-quality classes, clinics, birthday party choices, and more for youth all the way up to the age of 18. Make available an enjoyable, exciting and inspiring experience for your kids at UC Davis.

Walking Club

Another interesting program that I would introduce to the city will have a lot to do with walking. It will be called the Blue Bear Walking Club and it will be a fun and social chance for walkers of every sort of age and speed to appreciate perhaps the best indoor walking facility in the White Bear Area. Actually a gym or school anywhere that will have a circular design will actually make a perfect site for continuous walking. The best part of the program will be that it is free. It will be open for walking Mondays and Thursdays from 6-9 p.m. This will also be good for parents to walk with their kid's exercise which is to help the child and that parent have someone on one time while they are doing their walk. This program will work well with both parent and child

Dance Programs

Every little boy and girl wants to feel like a star. In this program they will learn how to perform and learn the art of dance and movement at a Park Multipurpose Center. This dance will train confident, articulate and intelligent people by building the ability to learn, think and act in an athletically artistic environment. Professional instructors provide a welcome atmosphere for beginners as well as professional dancers ages 3 to 11. In the dance classes the children will be free to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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