Sports Management. I Learned About Sports Purely Term Paper

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¶ … sports management.

I learned about sports purely from a spectator's perspective. Although I also love to play a variety of sports, I found myself increasingly drawn towards the business aspects of games whether that be NHL hockey or MLB baseball. Sports management also appeals to me because it allows me to combine by business acumen with my greatest passion in life.

The importance of sports marketing to the overall success of a professional sports organization as well as to athletic excellence.

Key Points


Although the economic recession has adversely impacted the willingness of some sports organizations to take risks and invest in new Merchandising opportunities, merchandising remains an important aspect of the marketing mix. Sports merchandising can be viewed within the overall context of advertising and promotions, given that team and league products create brand awareness and encourage team spirit. Merchandising is a major part of an organization's marketing portfolio, as it allows sports organizations to renew their image and have control over branding. Moreover, this aspect of sports management blends with careers in the retail sector.

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Reference: Schlossberg, Howard. Sports Marketing. Wiley-Blackwell Publishing. This book provides a good reference point for understanding how merchandising fits into a sports organization's overall business model.

2. Sponsorships (of athletes, teams, and venues)

Term Paper on Sports Management. I Learned About Sports Purely Assignment

Sports sponsorships grew sizably during the 1980s. Corporate sponsorships of teams, special sports events, and individual athletes has been a great boon to the business of professional sports. With corporate sponsorship, many athletes and teams have the opportunity to expand and improve the caliber of game play. Wooing companies for sponsorship contracts has therefore become one of the most important jobs for any… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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