Sports Neil Leifer's Photograph Makes Basketball Superstar Term Paper

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Neil Leifer's photograph makes basketball superstar Michael Jordan looks larger than life, capturing the moment the player soars through the air to earn his nickname Air Jordon. The other players on the court literally and figuratively look up at him, as Jordan seems to defy gravity. Jordan actually is flying through the air, as the distance between his knees and the ground seems impossible. Yet the image does not present Jordan as a magician but as a true athlete: someone who has reached the pinnacle of his career because he works hard. The other players seem diminutive next to Jordan and they also respect him even though they are his opponents. The composition of the photo facilitates the point-of-view that Jordan is in the foreground, large, looming, and dominant in the game.

David Black's photo relies both on composition and on shadow to convey the tense moment of the hockey face-off. The shadows are ominous, and one section of a shadow looks like it will eat the other. Clearly they are the shadows of two opponents. Their shadows are in fact larger than the players themselves. This evokes the dark side; the shadow-self of players who will do everything possible to win including fight their opponents on the ice. The face-off circle looks like a drop of blood, which signals the intensity of the game and a possible brawl. The referee is noticeably garbed in neutral black and white, in contrast to the red of the face-off circle.

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2. An opportunity to shoot college football in mixed weather is actually a mixed blessing. On the one hand, I must be prepared for any number of lighting conditions, including irregular light and natural shadows as well as wet weather. This demands flexibility with regards to f-stop settings. The light will change, possibly from one moment to the next.

Term Paper on Sports Neil Leifer's Photograph Makes Basketball Superstar Assignment

On the other hand, the stark contrasts that stormy weather brings to a shot can add highlights that could never be… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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