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Certainly, recruiting in the inner city is a major challenge for any of the armed services; however, the U.S. Marine Corps has experienced some success where the other services have failed. According to Paige (1999), Marine Corps recruiters tend to emphasize the challenges and prestige involved in the Corps rather than the generous benefits that are available by virtue of such service. "What the Marines' own youth survey shows is that young Americans want to be challenged and tested. They want to be held to a higher standard. You'll never see one of our ads talking about college tuition, job training or anything other than what it means to take the challenge," said one Marine Corps recruiter (Paige, 1999, p. 20). Initiatives designed to reach the key demographic group have included the Corps' sponsorship of extreme-sports Olympiads such as the X Games and Gravity Games as well as the highly popular Team Marine NASCAR racing team (Paige, 1999).

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According to Hattiangadi, Lee and Quester (2004), "The Marine Corps has been very successful at recruiting Hispanics, and Hispanic recruits do extremely well in the Marine Corps. Hispanic recruiting is important today and will be even more critical in the future" (p. 1). This importance is related to the fact that the Hispanic population has now become the largest minority population in the United States and this segment is expected to grow 25% over the next 10 years (Hattiangadi et al., 2004). Noting that the reasons cited by Hispanics for joining the military are similar to those expressed by other population segments, these authors report that the effectiveness of the recruiting campaigns for this population segment at least are believed to be adequate; however, they recommend that more information about the military should be made available in Spanish and other languages (Hattiangadi et al., 2004).


TOPIC: Term Paper on Sports-Related Military Recruiting Initiatives Today Assignment

The research showed that the National Guard and Army Reserve are experiencing some serious problems attracting qualified recruits today; while the regular Army is managing to meet its enlistment quotas, it is doing so at an increasingly costly rate. The other armed services appear to be enjoying the flood of those military-minded young people who might otherwise seek service in the Army Reserve or National Guard. In coming months and years, parents can reasonably be expected to become more involved in the recruiting process as military recruiters become more aggressive. For example, an increasingly unpopular provision of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires that all schools that receive federal funds must provide the phone numbers and addresses of high school students to military recruiters, a fact that escaped many parents until their child received an unsolicited call or visit from a military recruiter (Nevius, 2005). The Army has also resorted to somewhat deceptive practices in their increasingly desperate attempts to fulfill their mission box quotas. For instance, one high school principal was under the impression that the Army recruiters were providing a precision drill team but "it turned out to be a video shooting gallery with authentic-looking plastic guns complete with recoil. The event outraged some students, parents and teachers, and drew media coverage" (Nevius, p. B-1). Finally, the U.S. Army and Marines will continue to experience more difficulties in attracting qualified recruits compared to the Air Force and Navy simply because of the perceived dangers associated with service in the former compared with the latter since the vast majority of casualties to date in Afghanistan and Iraq have been Army and Marine service members (Moniz, 2005).


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